Historical Markers


The text and location of the markers, photographs, and, in some cases, additional information are provided for the markers with links below. Please contact Rox Ann Johnson if you can provide a photograph for any of the markers without links.

You may also want to visit the Texas Historic Sites Atlas, a feature of the Texas Historical Commission website. Enter Colorado under "county search" for a list of all historical markers with descriptions and maps.

50th Anniversary Celebration of the American Declaration of Independence

Abram Alley Log Cabin


Alleyton, C.S.A.

Alleyton Cemetery

Baker, Ben Marshall

Bartels-Wirtz House

Beason's (Beeson's) Crossing

Benjamin Beason's Crossing of the Colorado River

Borden, Gail

Borden, John Pettit

Brick Store House

Brunson Building

Burnam's Ferry (marker relocated to Fayette County)

Caledonia Lodge No 68, A. F.& A.M

Carriage Step on Prairie Street

Clear Creek Cemetery (marker dedicated 10/25/09)

Colorado County

Colorado County Citizen

Colorado County, City of Columbus

Colorado County Courthouse

Colorado River, Navigation of the

City of Columbus

Columbus Church of Christ

Columbus Female Seminary

Columbus Oak

Columbus Odd Fellows Rest Cemtery

Columbus Old City Cemetery

Columbus State Bank

Columbus Tap Railway

Columbus Water Works

Confederate Memorial Museum

Cornerstone Ceremony, 1890

Darden, Fannie Baker

Delaney, William Shelby

DeWees, William B.

Dick - Gillett House

District Court Tree

Doctor Logue's Drugstore, Early Site of

Eagle Lake, Town of

Eagle Lake Masonic Cemetery

Ehrenwerth-Ramsey-Untermeyer Building

First United Methodist Church, Columbus


Frnka, Joseph V.


Gas Well in Colorado County, First Producing

Old General Store

Glenn, George


Glidden Baptist Church

Hahn House

Hancock - Heller Home

Harris, Dilue Rose

Harris House, Dilue Rose and Ira Albert

Harrison - Hastedt House

Harrison, Robert Henry M. D.

Hebrew Benevolence Society Cemetery

E. H. Henry Rosenwald School

Holman-Seifert Homestead

Hotel Dallas 1912 - 1912 Farris

Hunt - Cassell House

Ilse - Rau House

Isgrig House


Johnson, Jesse H.

Kaiser Cemetery

Keith - Traylor House

Lacey, William Demetris

Lakeside Sugar Refinery

Maigne - Walthers House

Mansfield, Joseph Jefferson

McCormick, Home of Attorney General George

Menefee, William

Mentz-Bernardo Community

Methodism in Eagle Lake

Montgomery House

Montgomery-Thatcher Cemetery

Muckleroy, Mike


Nada Post Office

Navigation of Colorado River


Oakland Normal School

Olive Branch Baptist Church and Rocky Chapel School

Old Osage

Papenburg, William Christian Home

Provident City, Site of

Railway Hospital

Site of the Camp of Gen. Joaquin Ramirez y Sesma

The Rangers of Austin's Colony

Rice Culture in Colorado County

Riesing Cemetery

Robson's Castle and Columbus, Texas, Meat and Ice Company

Rosenfeld Building

Scherer, Rev. Jacob

Simpson - Williamson House

The Site of the Camp of Gen. Joaquin Ramirez y Sesma

Smith, George W.

St. John's Episcopal Church

St. Michael's Catholic Church, Weimar

Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Frelsburg

Stafford - Miller House

Stafford Opera House

Stage Lines Through Columbus

State Highway 3 Bridge at Colorado River

Stein-Girndt House

Strunk - Woolsey House

Tait, Charles William Home

Tait Compound

Tate - Senftenberg - Brandon House

Toliver - Cone House

Townsend, Asa

Townsend, J. Light Homestead

Townsend - Koliba House

Townsend - West House

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, New Bielau

Trinity Lutheran Church, Frelsburg

Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery

Tumlinson Family

Wallace, Colonel Joseph Worthington Elliott

Old Water Tower (see Confederate Memorial Museum)


Weimar Masonic Cemetery

Weimar Railroad Depot

Whitfield, Exum Philip

Youens - Hopkins House

Zimmerscheidt-Leyendecker Cemetery

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