Colorado County Historical Markers

William Shelby Delaney

Marker location: on Bonham, at intersection with Travis (400 blk. of Bonham)

Marker erected: 1995


(September 18, 1825 - December 16, 1900) Kentucky native William S. Delaney was a college professor before being admitted to the bar in 1852. He practiced law in Tennessee until 1860, when he moved to Columbus. The Delaney family homestead was located at this site. Delaney served in the county militia during the Civil War, and later was elected to the offices of District Attorney, County Judge, and representative to the State Legislature. He was active in civic affairs and was a lay leader at St. John's Episcopal Church. He died in Austin while visiting his daughter, and is buried in that city's Oakwood Cemetery. 1995

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