Colorado County Historical Markers

Abram Alley Log Cabin

Marker location: Bowie St., between Spring & Washington Sts., Columbus

Marker erected: 1977

Marker Text:
In the 1820s, Abram Alley (d. 1862) came from Missouri to join his brothers in Stephen F. Austin's "Old 300" Colony. He settled a few miles south of here on the east side of the Colorado, and in 1835 married Nancy Millar (1817 - 1893), of another pioneer family. During the Texas War for Independence, he went to the aid of settlers fleeing Santa Anna in the "Runaway Scrape," and his own home was burned. Late in 1836 he returned and built this cabin of oak logs. Here the Alleys raised two daughters and three sons and often entertained friends and travelers. RTHL - 1977

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