Colorado County Historical Markers

The Holman-Seifert Homestead

Marker location: 501 Seifert Loop, Weimar

Marker erected: 1976

Marker Text:

John T. Holman (1818-1900), who came from Virginia to Texas in 1837, built this house about 1875. Married three times, he had 18 children and made fortunes in cattle and cotton. Heirs sold the house in 1901 to John Banse, who sold (1907) to Anton Seifert, a local gin owner. Frank Banse, son of John, bought it in 1917, razed five rooms in the rear, and made additions altering the Greek Revival exterior. In 1953, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Seifert bought the house, restored the portion that remained from the original, and built an addition to the north.

Photos provided by Marion and Steve Daughtry

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