Colorado County Historical Markers

Carriage Step on Prairie Street

Carriage Steps Historical Marker

Marker location: Prairie Street Heritage House, 1118 Prairie Street, Columbus

Marker dedicated: June 1, 2013

Marker Text: Carriage Step on Prairie Street

A carriage step is a block of stone or concrete placed at the street as a courtesy to guests stepping out of carriages and was a symbol of prominent families in the community. These steps are remnants of a time when livery stables, blacksmith shops, hitching posts and watering troughs lined the streets. In 1879, the Robert Robson family sold the Prairie Street home to R. S. Stephens, a railroad puchasing agent, and his wife, Bettie Thatcher. The carriage step at the house is in the original location and is the only known carriage step in Columbus. Along with the watering trough at the Colorado County Courthouse, this carriage step is a surviving relic of an earlier era. (2012)

Photograph provided by Joyelynn Johnson

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