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Kaiser Cemetery

Text from the Historic Texas Cemetery marker dedicated on April 21, 2012:

Historic Texas Cemetery markerKaiser Cemetery

Napoleon B. Breeding purchased this land from the Republic of Texas in May 1837, soon after Colorado County organized. German immigrants were among the early settlers of Frelsburg and this area which was later called Brushy Community. John Frederick Kaiser (1790-1870), his wife, Lucy (1792-1860), and their children came to Texas in 1848 from Bremen, Germany. John and Lucy's sons George, Johann and Ludwig all owned land in the area, which they purchased from Napoleon Breeding. Ludwig Frederick Kaiser and his wife, Anna Gertrude (Maier) were charter members of the Trinity Lutheran Church in Freslburg [sic.], and their son Carl was baptized in the church in 1855. Other local German families included descendants of Bernard and Anna (Meinen) Aschenbeck, and the Lilie, Ladewig, and Meyer families. Descendants of many early families still live here.

In January 1859, Ludwig and Anna Kaiser deeded 1.5 acres of land to the community to be used for a school and cemetery. Ludwig Kaiser died in Jan. 1860 and was the first person buried in this cemetery. His wife, Anna, died in 1867 and is buried beside him; their headstones are both inscribed in their native German language. Many members of related German families are buried here, along with individuals who could not be interred in Frelsburg when a high-running Cummins Creek made roads impassable. Among the dozens of burials here are at least 11 military veterans who served from the Civil War through the Korean conflict, including Ludwig's younger brother, Johann Frederick Wilhelm Kaiser (1827-1867), a Confederate army soldier during the Civil War. Today the cemetery is a tribute to early area settlers and their descendants and the rural heritage of Texas.

Historic Texas Cemetery, 2007

Kaiser Cemetery
Kaiser Cemetery


Adamek, Earline; born: Jul 6, 1923; died: Mar 6, 2000;
Daughter of William and Otelia (Georg) Lilie, married Johnnie J. Adamek, Sep 6, 1948

Adamek, Johnnie J.; born: Oct 15, 1921; died: Jun 11, 2000;
Son of John and Mary (Supak) Adamek

Aschenbeck, Alfred J.; born: Nov 9, 1898; died: Apr 15, 1956;
Son of Friedrich and Emma (Huls) Aschenbeck

Aschenbeck, Arnhold Elo.; born: Jan 16, 1918; died: Jun 10, 1980;
Son of Friedrich and Johanna (Gorg) Aschenbeck,veteran of World War II

Aschenbeck, Charles; born: Oct 29, 1851; died: Sep 6, 1926;

Aschenbeck, Christian; born: Dec 27, 1817; died: Jul 19, 1877;

Aschenbeck, Emma H. S.; born: May 31, 1877; died: Dec 13, 1900;
Nee Huls, married Friedrich Aschenbeck, Nov 10, 1896

Aschenbeck, Fred; born: Jun 26, 1874; died: Jun 24, 1938;
Son of Carl Aschenbeck, married Emma Huls, married Johanna Georg

Aschenbeck, Johanna; born: Jan 3, 1886; died: Jan 13, 1971;
Nee Georg, married Fred Aschenbeck Aug 20, 1907

Aschenbeck, Meta; born: Apr 18, 1816; died: Jun 22, 1903;
Nee Main

Aschenbeck, Ruby J.; born: Sep 28, 1910; died: Jul 16, 1978;

Aschenbeck, Sophie Louise; born: Aug 1, 1853; died: Nov 11, 1916;
Née Kaiser, married Charles (Carl) Aschenbeck

Aschenbeck, Tillie; born: Dec 24, 1901; died: Jan 27, 1980;
Daughter of Willie A. and Emily (Schmidt) Meyer, married Alfred J. Aschenbeck, Nov 9, 1921

Bowe, Alvin; born: unknown; died: unknown;

Bowe, Anna Magret; born: Mar 6, 1858; died: May 5, 1903;
Née Kaiser, married Ernst Bowe

Bowe, Heinrich; born: Dec 1831; died: unknown;

Bowe, Mary; born: 1835; died: Jul 20, 1903;
Née Steffens, married Heinrich Bowe Oct 16, 1853

Burger, Emil; born: 1870; died: Feb 21, 1937;
Son of Christoph and Minnie (Schelp) Burger [Parents' names month and day of death and birth date of Jul 10, 1869 from death certificate]

Burger, Maria Wilhelmine Johanne; born: Sep 15, 1869; died: Sep 16, 1922;
Daughter of Wilhelm Heinrich and Maria (Steffens) Bowe, married Emil Burger

Georg, Alma Lucille; born: Sep 10, 1914; died: Aug 5, 1989;
Daughter of Ira J. and Mike Midyett, married Leo Samuel Georg, Jun 24, 1942

Georg, Elsie; born: Aug 19, 1905; died: Mar 7, 1989;
Daughter of Otto and Johanna (Becker) Werland, married Walter W. Georg, Feb 11, 1930

Georg, Henrietta; born: Jan 16, 1893; died: Jun 9, 1978;
Née Brune, married Willie Georg, Nov 2, 1916

Georg, Leo Samuel; born: Jan 23, 1907; died: Jun 11, 1978;
Son of John and Ida (Venghaus) Georg, married Alma Lucille Midyett Jun 24, 1942

Georg, Walter W.; born: Jul 13, 1902; died: Jul 25, 1964;
Son of John and Ida (Venghaus) Georg, married Elsie Werland Feb 11, 1930

Georg, Willie; born: Mar 14, 1893; died: Mar 8, 1982;
Son of John and Ida (Venghaus) Georg, married Henrietta Brune Nov 2, 1916

Hayek, Joe; born: Jun 18, 1919; died: Mar 22, 2009;
Son of Fritz and Meta (Steinhauser) Hayek

Kaiser, Anna; born: Jan 10, 1831; died: Feb 20, 1867;

Kaiser, Ludwig; born: Oct 1, 1824; died: Jan 29, 1860;

Kaiser, Maria; born: Mar 6, 1858; died: Nov 19, 1881;
Married Carl Kaiser

Kech, Ida; born: Mar 14, 1874; died: Apr 18, 1962;
Married Max Kech

Kech, Max; born: Aug 1877; died: Apr 14, 1949;
Son of Max and Maria (Schulz) Kech

Koehl, Leslie R.; born: May 10, 1916; died: Sep 10, 1979;
Veteran of World War II

Ladewig, Harry Lester; born: Mar 19, 1925; died: Jun 8, 1986;
Son of Julius August and Ida (Bernhausen) Ladewig, veteran of World War II

Ladewig, Ida; born: Apr 9, 1884; died: Nov 9, 1951;
Daughter of Reinhardt and Louisa (Wienderich) Bernhausen, married Julius August Ladewig, Apr 10, 1898

Ladewig, Julius August; born: May 13, 1884; died: May 5, 1940;

Ladewig, Millie; born: Mar 18, 1912; died: Dec 29, 2006;
Daughter of Vince and Agnes (Holub) Prihoda, married Leo Mayer, married Harry A. Ladewig, Aug 26, 1959

Lane, L. B.; born: Jul 30, 1923; died: Apr 24, 2006;
Son of Joe N. and Elizabeth Lane, veteran of World War II, called Pop

Lane, Minnie Ola; born: Mar 1, 1925; died: Apr 13, 2010;
Daughter of Joel L. and Ida Lee (Bazzley) Baldock, married L.B. Lane

Lee, Stacy; born: Feb 23, 1935; died: Aug 8, 1991;
Son of John G. and Nellie (Hughes) Lee, Korean veteran

Leist, Caroline; born: Dec 19, 1808; died: Sep 27, 1893;
Nee Sommerberg, married Lehar Leist

Lilie, Adolphine Gerhardine Sophia; born: Apr 15, 1850; died: Feb 27, 1902;
Daughter of Theo and Gesine (Fehrenkamp) Becker, married Henry Priesmeyer, married Friederich Fritz Lilie

Lilie, Dela; born: Sep 27, 1911; died: Feb 24, 2005;
Daughter of Willie and Emilie (Schmidt) Meyer, married Ewald Lilie, Apr 12, 1932

Lilie, Elizabeth Ann; born: Nov 7, 1968; died: Nov 7, 1968;
Daughter of Deanna Lilie

Lilie, Elmo O.; born: Jan 29, 1921; died: Jan 31, 1993;
Son of William and Otilie (Georg) Lilie

Lilie, Elo Wilhelm; born: Oct 11, 1912; died: Jan 24, 1984;
Son of Wilhelm and Otilie (Georg) Lilie

Lilie, Elvira M.; born: Mar 6, 1916; died: May 29, 1981;
Née Holub, married Elo Wilhelm Lilie

Lilie, Ewald Johann Friedrich; born: Apr 26, 1908; died: Jan 22, 1970;
Son of Wilhelm and Otilie (Georg) Lilie

Lilie, Friederich; born: Jul 24, 1857; died: Mar 13, 1927;
Son of Friederich and Friedericke (Malsch) Lilie

Lilie, Hubert Martin; born: Dec 11, 1911; died: Nov 17, 1917;
Son of Fritz and Ida (Bowe) Lilie

Lilie, Ida; born: Jan 29, 1875; died: May 1, 1958;
Daughter of Wilhelm Heinrich and Maria (Steffens) Bowe, married Friederich Fritz Lilie Nov 5 1907

Lilie, Johanna; born: Feb 17, 1891; died: Jul 31, 1891;
Daughter of Fritz and Adolphine (Becker) Lilie

Lilie, Leander; born: Oct 9, 1932; died: Mar 20, 1996;
Son of Ewald and Dela (Meyer) Lilie

Lilie, Lee Roy Arthur; born: Nov 15, 1928; died: Jan 4, 2007;
Son of William and Otillie (Georg) Lilie

Lilie, Mildred; born: Dec 10, 1927; died: Oct 7, 2006;
Daughter of Louis and Louise (Hudec) Genzer, married Lee Roy Lilie, Feb 14, 1970

Lilie, Otilie M.; born: May 16, 1889; died: Mar 31, 1981;
Née Georg, married Wilhelm Lilie

Lilie, Wilhelm M.; born: Dec 27, 1888; died: Jun 21, 1948;
Son of Fritz and Adolphine (Becker) Lilie, full name Theodore Karl Wilhelm Lilie

Mai, George; born: Apr 21, 1902; died: Aug 18, 1950;

Mai, Marlo; born: Nov 19, 1972; died: Nov 19, 1972;

Mai, Selma; born: Sep 31, 1900; died: May 21, 1939;
Daughter of Max and Eda (Goodmann) Kech, married George Mai [Parents' names (mother could be Ida) and husband from death certificate]

Meyer, Dietrich; born: Oct 19, 1881; died: Apr 24, 1961;
Son of Johann Dietrich and Marie (Noska) Meyer

Meyer, Elo H.; born: Jun 9, 1888; died: Sep 4, 1958;
Son of August and Rebecca Meyer, veteran of World War I

Meyer, Elo Jr.; born:Jun 26, 1939; died: Jun 26, 1939;
Son of Elo and Otilia (Krueger) Meyer [Information from death certificate]

Meyer, Emily; born: Feb 24, 1876; died: Aug 20, 1941;
Daughter of Joe and Annie (Zeiner) Schmidt, married Willie A. Meyer [Parents' names from death certificate]

Meyer, Ewald; born: Jan 2, 1903; died: Oct 29, 1991;
Son of Willie A. and Emelia (Schmidt) Meyer, veteran of World War II

Meyer, Leo; born: Jul 27, 1907; died: Nov 1, 1980;

Meyer, Leo T.; born: Dec 28, 1905; died: Feb 13, 1982;
Son of Dietrich and Sophie (Aschenbeck) Meyer

Meyer, Linda; born: Nov 10, 1908; died: Feb 19, 1972;
Daughter of Dietrich F. and Sophie (Aschenbeck) Meyer [Parents' names from death certificate]

Meyer, Sophie; born: Sep 26, 1885; died: Dec 22, 1951;
Daughter of Carl and Sophie Louise (Kaiser) Aschenbeck, married Dietrich Meyer, Oct 19, 1904

Meyer, Willie A.; born: Apr 14, 1879; died: Aug 24, 1970;
Son of August and Rebecca (Meyer) Meyer, married Emily Schmidt Sep 24, 1901 [Parents' names from death certificate]

Norsworthy, Selma; born: unknown; died: unknown;

Peters, Adolf; born: Jun 16, 1935; died: Jan 11, 2014;
Son of John and Augusta (Krueger) Peters

Peters, David John; born: Aug 24, 1960; died: Aug 24, 1960;
Son of Adolf and Dorothy (Lilie) Peters

Peters, Dorothy; born: Dec 30, 1938; died: Mar 10, 2000;
Daughter of Henry and Lillian (Holub) Lilie, married Adolf Peters, Jun 23, 1957

Priesmeyer, Henry; born: Dec 12, 1845; died: Jun 16, 1878;

Roithner, Emil; born: unknown; died: Sep 23, 1893;
Son of Max and Louise (Hagemann) Roithner

Schuette, Dick; born: Apr 4, 1906; died: Oct 29, 1995;
Son of Dickrich and Emma (Bowie) Schuette, veteran of World War II

Supak, Jerome E.; born: Dec 8, 1920; died: Nov 10, 1990;
Son of Joe and Francis (Polasch) Supak, veteran of World War II

Supak, Monica Lynn; born: Jul 18, 1967; died: Jan 16, 2006;
Daughter of Don and Sandy (Daniel) Hyden…married Ronny Supak, Jul 21, 1984

Weishuhn, Leona; born: Jul 25, 1923; died: Jan 27, 2012;
Daughter of Alfred and Tillie (Meyer) Aschenbeck, maried Leroy Weishuhn Dec 27, 1942

Weishuhn, Lester; born: Jan 17, 1919; died: Jan 10, 2010;
Son of Frank and Ella (Brune) Weishuhn

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