Colorado County Historical Markers

Dilue Rose Harris

Marker location: 602 Washington, Columbus (corner of Washington & Bowie Sts.)

Marker erected: 1996

Marker Text:
Dilue Rose Harris (1825-1914) is best known for her journal writings concerning events of the Texas Revolution. Her 30,000 word "Reminiscences" were published in the "quarterly" of the Texas State Historical Association, and have provided a valuable source of information about Texas at that time. Dilue Rose came to Texas in 1833, and was married to Ira Harris (1816-1869) when she was almost 14 years old in 1839. They moved to Columbus in 1845, built this house in 1858 and reared nine children while living here. Dilue and Ira Harris are buried in the Columbus City Cemetery.


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