Colorado County Historical Markers

Hahn House

Marker location: 903 Front St., Columbus

Marker erected: 1973

Marker Text:
On this site a small cottage was built about 1868 by W. H. Crebbs, who sold place in 1885 to Peter Hahn (1852-1940) and his wife Catherine Leyendecker. In 1890, Hahn moved cottage to the rear, scouted East Texas for fine woods, hired contractors Jacob and Louis Wirtz, and built two-story, galleried Victorian main house adjoining cottage. Peter and Catherine's son Albert and wife Elizabeth Burford, and their children have preserved the home. RTHL - 1973


The State of Texas
County of Colorado

Know all men by these presents, that we, P. Hahn, A.M.Waugh, and wife Hattie Waugh, L. V. Hahn and wife C. B. Hahn, and Henry Hahn, for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar to us in hand paid by A. W. Hahn of the County of Colorado and State of Texas, and as a further consideration of the love and affection we have for the said A. W. Hahn, our son and brother, and as a gift to the said A. W. Hahn, have bargained, granted, sold and conveyed, and do by these presents, bargain, grant, sell and convey unto the said A. W. Hahn of said State and County, the following described piece or parcel of land, lying and being situated in the State of Texas, County of Colorado and the town of Columbus, and more particularly described as follows, towit:   Being the old homestead of P. Hahn, and wife Catherine Hahn, deceased.   Beginning at an iron stake driven at the N.W. corner of the fence, it being the N. W. corner of said homestead, from which the corner pillar under the N. W. corner of the gallery of the Hahn house bears S.54 15' E. 10.2 varas; a nail driven in a large live oak tree bears S. 39 45'W 20.3 varas.
    Thence South along Front Street with a fence 83.3 varas to said fence corners with the division fence between the Hahn and Schultz homesteads.
    Thence east with said division fence 59.2 varas to a corner.
    Thence north along a line as marked by a fence 39.3 varas to a fence corner.
    Thence east along a line as marked by a fence 31.1 varas to a fence corner.
    Thence north along a line as marked by a fence and barn 42.3 varas to the N.W. corner of said barn, a point in the south line of Preston Street.
    Thence west along a line as marked by said barn and a fence and with Preston street 91.0 varas to the place of the beginning.
    Containing all of Original Lots No. 1 and 2 and a part of Lot No. 6 more or less.
    To have and to hold the above described property and premises, together with all and singular, the rights and appurtnances thereto in any wise belonging, unto the said A. W. Hahn, his heirs and assigns forever.
    And we do hereby bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators to warrant and forever defend the above described premises unto the said A. W. Hahn, his heirs and assigns against the claim or claims of any person whomsoever lawfully claiming or to claim the same or any part there of.
    Witness our hands this the 22nd Day of November A. D. 1909

              P. Hahn
              L. V. Hahn
              Hattie Waugh     A. M. Waugh
              H. P. Hahn

From the files of David Hahn


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