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Clear Creek Methodist Church


Notice is hereby given that I will proceed to sell to the highest bidder, for cash, on the 28th day of November, A. D. 1885, between the hours of 10 and 12 o’clock, in the town of Weimar, the Clear Creek church building. This the 22d day of October, A. D. 1885.

J. H. James

Colorado Citizen, October 22, 1885


We hear considerable complaints from old residents in this end of the county, who have loved ones buried at the Clear Creek grave-yard, about the sale of the old Church at that place on the 28th of November. Some seem to think that it is almost sacrilege to sell that old Church that has stood there for so many years as a monument to the memory of those who founded it--all of whom, with few exceptions, are taking their eternal sleep, and their bones lie mouldering[sic] almost within the evening shade of the old church, and insist that it’s better to let follow its followers and mingle its dust with its founders.

Colorado Citizen, October 29, 1885


Being informed of some little discussion in the selling of the Clear Creek church building , as advertised, Mr. James wrote to the Presiding Elder for authority in the matter, and received the following letter, which is here appended for the benefit of those whom it may concern:

“Flatonia Texas, Nov. 10, 1885.
‘Dear Brother Jones:
Your letter received, and answering, will say that the Quarterly Conference is the sole authority in such matters. If I remember rightly, the Quarterly Conference ordered it sold, and appointed you their agent to sell. It is complete in ____. No one has right to stop, or forbid the sale.
“Yours in Christ, C. H. Baccus.”

Colorado Citizen, November 19, 1885


Owning to the fact that Weimar was the most accessible point the last quarterly meeting of Schulenburg circuit was held in the Methodist Church in this place last Saturday, at which time the order to sell the Old Clear Creek church was revoked, as there was such a decided opposition to selling this old landmark of other days.

Colorado Citizen, November 26, 1885

Oakland Notes

The old Clear Creek church, that was built some thirty years ago, through the aid of some of the first settlers of this section, has been torn down and moved to this place.  All the material, that is of worth, will be used in building the Methodist church at Oakland.

Colorado Citizen, July 22, 1886
Submitted by Ernest Mae Seaholm

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