Colorado County Schools

District No. 29: New Brunn, Independence and Clear Creek

The old New Brunn School photographed in the summer of 2002, courtesy of Paula Hoffman

Had a Picnic

The residents of the New Brun[sic] section gathered at the school a few days ago, and the patrons of the school examined the children to ascertain what progress they had made in their studies. The patrons were so well pleased with same that they took occasion to publicly thank the teacher, Miss Vallie Strunk, for her work. The proficiency of the children was highly complimented. At the conclusion of this part of the programme the good ladies of the community proceeded to serve an excellent dinner, which all enjoyed very much. Those attending were Jos. Kleiber and family, W. H. Boykin and family, F. J. Kosler and family, Emil Schneider and family, E. J. Schneider and family, Mrs. F. A. Guenther and children, Anton Berger and family, Mrs. J. T. Green and children, John Schneider and wife, F. H. Schneider, wife and baby, Mrs. Idula Strunk of Oakland and E. W. Schneider. After the dinner, the children had an enjoyable time with an rabbit egg hunt. There were several games or contests, such as lion punching, jumping, acting on the bar, foot races, fire bell races, sack races, and swinging. In the punching contest, Johnnie Schneider was the lucky boy to break the lion’s eye, while Emil Kleiber proved himself to be the best jumper. Wm. Green proved the best actor on the bar, and Herman Schneider the best racer. Sack races were run by Johnnie Berger, Johnnie Green and E. J. Schnider[sic], in which friend Schneider accrued third place. In the fire bell race Charlie Guenther and Robert Kosler tied. In swinging it was a hard matter to decide which was best. Among the other folks who participated in the sack races were F. J. Kosler, E. W. Schneider, Tom Boykin and someone else, but just who the fourth party was we do not know, as only his back and heels were to be seen. T. B. and F. J. K. tied in this race, but certainly had the unknown party defeated if he hadn’t turned a flip flap on them. The foot races between the older ones were F. H. Schneider, F. J. Kosler, T. Boykin and E. W. Schneider. The winner made the distance in 75 yards in ten seconds. All who attended report having had a fine time, and thank Miss Strunk for same. Knarf Relsok

Weimar Mercury, April 14, 1906


A mass meeting was held by the citizens of the New Brunn school district Wednesday night for the purpose of organizing a Community Council of Defense. Chairman, Emil Schneider called the meeting to order, and at the conclusion of his remarks the following officers were appointed:
W. W. Williams, chairman.
F. H. Schneider, secretary.
C. F. Blaschke, treasurer.
The selection of a War Board was in order and the following membership for same was chosen: F. A. Guenther, H. A. Phillips, Jed Dobecka, Miss Clara Boykin and Mrs. F. H. Schneider
Finance--F. J. Kosler, Emil Schneider and Emil Hoffman.
Publicity--Anton Berger.
Feed Production and Conservation--F. A. Guenther, Joe Dobecka and Henry Berger.
Labor--W. W. Williams, Karl Blaschke and Cyril Krecmer.
Military Affairs--Henry Berger and Emil Hoffman.
Food Administrator--O. Hoffman, W. W. Williams and C. F. Blaschke.
Fuel--J. Y. Matthews.
Women’s War Activities and Senior Red Cross--Mrs. Anton Berger.
Junior Red Cross--Miss Esther Wegenhoft.
Liberty Bonds--F. H. Schneider, W. W.. Williams and F. A. Guenther.
Thrift Stamps--H. A. Phillips.
Quite a number signed the membership roll. Every man, woman and child of accountable age is expected to enroll. Do not wait to be solicited as a member, but hunt up the secretary and sign the membership roll.
ANTON BERGER, Chr. Pub. Com.

Weimar Mercury, October 4, 1918


Notice is hereby given that the 1925-26 term of the New Brunn School (white), Independent and Clear Creek (colored) Schools of District No. 29 will begin Monday, Sept. 21. The compulsory period for all three schools will begin Monday, Oct. 5th. All parties interested will please take notice and be governed accordingly. Respectfully, The Trustees.

Weimar Mercury, September 18, 1925

Building for Sale

Offering for sale ot highest bidder: (1) Building formerly known as Clear Creek Colored School in former New Brunn Common School District. (2) Building formerly known as the Independent Colored School in former New Brunn Common School District. (3) Building formerly used as school in County Line Common School District.
Bids to be opened January 12, 1948, at 8:00 p.m. at the Weimar High School building, Weimar, Texas. Seller reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

Board of Trustees
7-3 Weimar Independent School Dis't

Weimar Mercury, January 9, 1948
Submitted by Deborah Smith

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Clear Creek

The colored people of the Clear Creek community have recently erected a new and commodious school building, placing same on the corner northeast of Shelly Arthur's home.
Weimar Mercury, December 8, 1916

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