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Max Cemetery

Max, Augusta; born: Aug 9, 1837; died: Jun 7, 1873;
Married George Max

Max, George; born: Oct 8, 1825; died: Dec 10, 1890;

Schildknecht, Caroline; born: 1804; died: Mar 22, 1892;

McDowell Cemetery

Anderson, Mattie Lee; born: Mar 22, 1914; died: Feb 23, 1995;
Daughter of Robin and Mattie (McDowell) Boyd

Boyd, C.W.; born: Sep 18, 1913; died: unknown

Boyd, Ermigine; born: Nov 4, 1909; died: Mar 7, 1937
Daughter of Robin and Mattie (McDowell) Boyd [unmarked, info from death certificate]

Boyd, Robert; born: c. 1853; died: Dec 23, 1912
[unmarked, info from death certificate]

Boyd, Roy; born: May 23, 1909; died: Mar 28, 1937;
Son of Robin and Mattie (McDowell) Boyd

Boyd, Ruby; born: c. 1919; died: May 22, 1942;
Daughter of Robin and Mattie (McDowell) Boyd, died in a car wreck [unmarked, info from death certificate]

Jarmon, Ruby Boyd; born: Apr 18, 1918; died: Nov 14, 1941;

Junious, Earline; born: Jun 14, 1925; died: Apr 8, 2011;
Daughter of Richard and Mattie (McDowell) Smith, married Jesse Junious

Junious, Jesse L.; born: Jun 20, 1927; died: May 24, 1973;
Veteran of World War II

King, Delores Mae; born: Nov 4, 1949; died: Sep 7, 2001
Daughter ofArthur Bryant and Dorothy Mae (Smith) Taylor

Reed, Irene; born: Jan 8, 1928; died: Oct 25, 1978;
Married Jesse Harrison Reed

Reed, Jesse Harrison; born: Aug 31, 1927; died: Mar 28, 1968;
Son of Robert A. and Ruby C. (Taylor) Reed

Smith, K.P.; born: Sep 28, 1920; died: Nov 22, 1978;
Veteran of World War II

Smith, Mattie; born: Dec 7, 1888; died: Jul 14, 1969;
Daughter of Sandy and Dorothy (Taylor) McDowell, married Robin Boyd, married Richard Smith

Taylor, Dorothy Mae; born: Sep 12, 1930; died: Oct 16, 1971;
Daughter of Richard and Mattie (McDowell) Smith

McGrew Cemetery

Hewitt, Arie; born: May 4, 1893; died: Jan 8, 1983;
Daughter of John and Leah (Veals) McGrew, married Eddie Toran Hewitt in 1916

Hewitt, Eddie Toran; born: Sep 18, 1896; died: Oct 31, 1963;
Son of John and Nellie (Henderson) Hewitt

Hurd, Ernest; born: Oct 7, 1907; died: Aug 23, 1965;

McGrew, Anderson; born: Oct 15, 1881; died: Oct 26, 1953;
Son of John and Lil (Veals) McGrew

McGrew, Bettie; born: Jun 2, 1874; died: Jul 16, 1959;
Née Hoggans, married Hubbert McGrew in 1908

McGrew, Hubbert; born: Aug 2, 1883; died: Sep 12, 1940;
Son of John and Leah (Veals) McGrew[death certificate lists given name as Herbert and Sep 19 death date]

McGrew, Joyce; born: unknown; died: unknown;

McGrew, Laundry; born: Mar 12, 1894; died: Jul 22, 1981;
Son of John and Leah (Veals) Mcgrew, veteran of World War I,called Whistler

McGrew, Mahalia; born: Jan 9, 1892; died: Nov 1, 1979;
Daughter of George and Henrietta (Collier) Washington, married Anderson McGrew

Scott, Howard; born: Feb 18, 1901; died: Aug 5, 1974;
Son of Sidney and Amandy (Axel) Scott

Scott, Pairlee; born: Sep 4, 1899; died: Sep 1, 1973;
Daughter of Elijah and Rebecca (Nichols) McGrew

Thomas, Donald L.; born: Dec 22, 1954; died: Nov 2, 1973;

Thomas, Saint J.; born: Mar 17, 1917; died: Oct 24, 1980;
Veteran of World War II

Wilson, Alvera; born: Jan 30, 1920; died: May 12, 1990;
Daughter of Eddie Toran and Arie (McGrew) Hewitt, married Leamon Wilson

Wright, Bessie May; born: 1905; died: 1979;
Née McGrew, married Warren E. Wright in 1924

Wright, Carrie; born: May 8, 1876; died: Sep 30, 1950;

Wright, Warren Eddie; born: Jun 24, 1898; died: Jan 5, 1960;
Son of William and Alice (Allen) Wrght [Parents' names from death certificate]

McLeary Cemetery

McLeary, Enid; born: c. 1872; died: 1873;
Daughter of the James Harvey and Elizabeth (Mitchell) McLeary

McLeary, Samuel Davies; born: Feb 9, 1816; died: Jan 31, 1872;
Son of James Allen and Eliza Allen (Moore) McLeary

McLeary, Sarah Ann; born: Oct 13, 1826; died: May 28, 1884;
Daughter of Charles and Mary Sterrett (Hogg) Weller, married Samuel Davies McLeary, Oct 13, 1841

An overview of the McLeary Cemetery January 20, 2006
A closer look to show that the cemetery is located high on the south bank of Harvey's Creek.
These photos are courtesy of Sally Weeks whose mother was a McLeary
This portion of the stone for Samuel Davies and Sarah Ann (Weller) McLeary shows their marriage date - 13 October 1841

Mexican Cemetery

Flores, Simon; born: unknown; died: c. 1920;

Ramirez, Martina; born: 1893; died: 1919;

Salazar, J.; born: unknown; died: unknown;

Meyer Family Cemetery

Funeral for a deceased child, identity unknown, at the Meyer Family Cemetery, ca 1900-1910
Standing on the dirt pile, L - Frank Diedrich, R - J. Daniel Meyer
Contributed by John Konesheck

Dietrichs, Heinrich; born: Mar 11, 1861; died: Aug 4, 1890;
Son of Heinrich Wilhelm and Anna Kurzleben) Dietrich, married Maria Meyer

Find, Frederick E.; born: Aug 29, 1797; died: Nov 12, 1887;
Married Sophie Pfeffer.

Find, Sophie; born: Aug 13, 1801; died: Jun 18, 1882;
Nee Pfeffer; Married Frederick E. Find

Max, Marie Julian; born: Mar 25, 1855; died: Nov 9, 1887;
Daughter of Johann Wilhelm and Maria M. (Find) Meyer, married Adolph Max, called Julie

Meyer, Bertha; born: Apr 19, 1860; died: Dec 13, 1910;
Daughter of George and Augusta (Schildkincht) Max. Married Ernst Meyer [Parents' names from death certificate]

Meyer, Ferdinand; born: October 15, 1851; died March 03, 1926:
Son of Johann Wilhelm and Maria M. (Find) Meyer

Meyer, Frieda; born: Oct 1, 1899; died: Jun 2, 1900;
Daughter of Herman and Ernestine (Dabelgott) Meyer

Meyer, Helene; born: Feb 4, 1859; died: Oct 25, 1880

Meyer, Johann W.; born: Dec 17, 1819; died: Nov 23, 1877;
Married Maria Margrthe Find

Meyer, Maria Margaretha.; born: Sep 1, 1824; died: Aug 26, 1911;
Daughter of Frederick E. and Sophie (Pfeffer) Find, married Johann W. Meyer

Meyer, unnamed infant; born: unknown; died: unknown;
Child of Arthur and Hattie Meyer. Grave marked by simple flat iron cross.



Miller Cemetery

Miller, Frederick C.; born: Nov 18, 1818; died: Jun 8, 1904; (tombstone photo) (tombstone photo)

Miller, Louise R.; born: Jan 2, 1859; died: Nov 8, 1885; (tombstone photo)
Daughter of Frederick C. and Margaret Miller

Miller, Margaret M.; born: Oct 28, 1822; died: Jan 2, 1909; (tombstone photo)
Married Frederick C. Miller

Miller, Otto A.; born: Jul 22, 1880; died: Nov 2, 1883; (tombstone photo)

Miller, unknown; born: Dec 15, 1888; died: Dec 26, 1888; (tombstone photo)
Child of F. and H. Miller

Gerhard Miller Cemetery

Miller, Gerhard E.; born: Mar 25, 1834; died: Dec 5, 1918;
Son of Gerhard and Elizabeth (Beselager) Miller

Miller, Helena M.; born: Nov 25, 1849; died: Jun 21, 1936;
Daughter of Friedrich and Gesche Margareta (Bartels) Miller, married Gerhard Miller

Rutledge, Lena A.; born: Dec 15, 1885; died: Feb 20, 1918;
Daughter of Gerhard and Helena Miller

Miller High Hill Cemetery

Hill, Emma; born: unknown; died: Oct 18, 1918;
Daughter of Joe and Nina (Cooper) Mitchell

Miller, Annie; born: c. 1890; died: Feb 14, 1931;
Daughter of Joe and Nina (Cooper) Mitchell [Information from death certificate]

Miller, Florence; born: Mar 10, 1899; died: Jun 14, 1960;
Son of Nelson and Eliza (Kelly) Miller

Miller, Joe; born: Jun 10, 1888; died: Aug 5, 1962; (tombstone photo)
Son of Nelson and Eliza (Kelly) Miller, veteran of World War I [Parents' names from death certificate]

Miller, Leroy; born: Mar 8, 1926; died: Jan 17, 1949;:
Son of Sam and Hennie B. (Scott) Miller [Information from death certificate]

Miller, Ola Mae; born: Dec. 8, 19__; died: Jun 18, 1933;
Daughter of Sam and Hennie B. (Scott) Miller [Information from death certificate, age given as 9 years]

Miller, Peter; born: Feb 7, 1852; died: Apr 14, 1932;
Son of Sam Miller [Father's name from death certificate]

Miller, Sam; born: Mar 17, 1897; died: Mar 8, 1958;
Son of Sam and Minna (McDowell) Miller, veteran of World War I

Miller, Shelley; born: Jun 2, 1895; died: Dec 15, 1975;
Son of Sam and Minna (McDowell) Miller, veteran of World War I

Vinson, Willie Mae; born: Mar 21, 1911; died: Jul 30, 1919;

Miller Oak Grove Cemetery

Muckleroy Cemetery

McGown, Martha Jane; born: Dec 4, 1833; died: Mar 30, 1853;
Daughter of Mike Muckleroy, married William C. McGown Feb 4, 1852

Muckleroy, Elizabeth A.; born: Jan 10, 1811; died: Jan 26, 1894;
Nee Ledbetter, married Mike Muckleroy

Muckleroy, Mike; born: Sep 27, 1808; died: Jul 28, 1896;

Muckleroy, William H.; born: c. 1849; died: Nov 28, 1885; cem: Muckleroy
Son of Mike and Elizabeth A. (Ledbetter) Muckleroy, killed in a saloon fight by J. M. and W. M. Greer


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