Colorado County
in the Spanish-American War

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Spanish American War Veterans connected with Colorado County
[from list in Weimar Mercury (Nov 28, 1941) made by
Shropshire-Upton Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy and listed in A
History of Eagle Lake, Texas
(Austin, TX: Eakin Publications, 1987) compiled by Ernest Mae Seaholm with additional info on Co. D. 1st Texas U. S. Vol. Inf. , birth, death and burial place by Dorothy Albrecht

Blessington, Clement A., Cpl (Clement Augustus; born: Feb 14, 1877; died Dec 21, 1959;) Columbus Odd Fellows

Buske, Alfred C. Pvt. TRP #1 Regt TX Calvary (born Sep 24, 1881, died Apr 14, 1914) Weimar Odd Fellows

Cook, Charlie Gilliam, M. D. (born: Oct 4, 1875; died: Nov 6, 1946) Weimar Odd Fellows

Cox, James S.

Craig, Alvin, Pvt

Davis, Kenny (J. Kinney: born: unknown; died: unknow;) Weimar Masonic

De Lane, Alfred - Co. D. 1st Texas U. S. Vol. Inf.

Everette, Lawrence C (Everett, Lawrence Clay; born: Oct 30, 1979; died: Jan 11, 1901;) Alleyton.

Falwell, Jack

Fehrenkamp, Fenton G.;( born: Feb 14, 1878; died: May 12, 1929; Trinity Lutheran)

Finney, Clark - Co. G, 1 st Cav. Texas Cav. (born: Aug 10, 1981; died: Oct 4, 1932) Adams

Fisher, James Lat (born: Jul 13, 1870; died: Aug 11, 1901; Weimar Odd Fellows)

Fleming, Alexander E.

Foster, Dr. John H.

Gardner, Tom

Goldsmith, Albert - Co. D. 1st Texas U. S. Vol. Inf. (born: Nov 3, 1879; died: Dec 12, 1952;) Columbus Odd Fellows

Goldsmith, Ed S. - Co. D. 1st Texas U. S. Vol. Inf. (born: Dec 16, 1871; died: Jun 19, 1950;) Columbus Odd Fellows

Green, Rowan Adkins (b. 1867 d. May 20, 1922) Columbus Odd Fellows

Grillette, Arthur

Hancock, Sam (Sam H).: born: Jun 23, 1857; died: Nov 23, 1914;) Weimar Odd Fellows

Hill, Cap C (born: Sep 11, 1869; died: May 9, 1909; Masonic)

Hill, Tom (Thomas W.); born: Sep 11, 1871; died; Feb 19, 1950;) Weimar Masonic

Hinton Al P. (born: Jul 20, 1872; died: Feb 18, 1941) Columbus Odd Fellows

Hunter, Oscar (born: Sep 17, 1876; died: Aug 17, 1954; Weimar Odd Fellows

Kneitz, Joe, Pvt - Co. G, 1st Cav. Texas Cav.

Kolb, W. D. (Mex) - Co. D. 1st Texas U. S. Vol. Inf.

Lundgren, Anton L. Band - 40 U. S. V. Inf; Band 12th U. S. Cav.

Lundgren, Carl - Co. D, U. S. Vol. Inf.

Martin, Ben

McCormick, George Millan - Light Brigade of Houston, born: Jul 15, 1872; died: Apr 5, 1945;Weimar Odd Fellows

McRee, Felix - Co. F, 1st Texas Inf.

Middlebrook, R. M. - Co. D. 1st Texas U. S. Vol. Inf.

Morgan, George Y. Pvt. of Troop "L" of First Reg’t of Ill. Cav. Vol. (George Young; born: Jul 28, 1870; died Feb 19, 1950) Eagle Lake Masonic

Newson, Ernest P. - Co. G, 1st Cav. Texas Cav.(born: 1877; died: Dec 1, 1932; Eagle Lake Masonic

Nicolai, Hugo

Pinchback, Will (William Howland; born: Jan 18 1870; died: Jan 12, 1944;) Lehrer Cemetery

Rawlins, George

Roberts, Eugene (J. E.) - Co. G., 1st Cav. Texas Cav.

Robinson, Vincent C.

Sanford, Wm., Pvt. - Lane Rangers

Shive, Hallie R., Pvt. - Co. G, 1st Cav. Texas Cav.

Slorance, Jeff S. - Co. G, 1st Cav., Texas Cav.

Smith, E. M.- Texas Inf. Band H 1st Texas Cav.

Smith, Henry Elmo - Co. D. 1st Texas U. S. Vol. Inf.

Stafford, Charles B(enjamin. - Co. D. 1st Texas U. S. Vol. Inf. (born: Feb 23, 1879; died: Mar 13, 1958;) Columbus Odd Fellows

Wallace, Alonso Frederick (aka K. L.) - Co. D. 1st Texas U. S. Vol. Inf. (born: Nov 5, 1878; died: Jul 21, 1938; ) Weimar Masonic Cemetery

Weete, Beno (born: Feb 23, 1878; died: Jul 14, 1924) Columbus Odd Fellows

Winfrey (Winfree), Raymond L. - Co. D. 1st Texas U. S. Vol. Inf. - .

Woodruff, W. Frank - Co. D. 1st Texas U. S. Vol. Inf.

Woods, Dink

Woods, Tom

York, Thornton (born: Jan 22, 1878; died: Nov 17, 1945) Weimar Masonic


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