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Rock Island School Picnic - 1900s

Contributed by Nathan Haley
Columbus Citizen:
Mr. J. W. Tinkler was in town the other day and told us of the proposed new town of Rock Island, to be built near his residence, and about eleven miles from Columbus. A siding on the S. A. & A. P. railroad has been put in, and trains will stop for passengers. A schoolhouse is to [be] built as soon as possible, a general merchandise store erected and a lumber yard put in operation next week, and other improvements are in contemplation. Several families have moved in, one having already erected a two-story barn, another a dwelling house, and others are preparing for their families soon to arrive. Hurrah for Rock Island.
Weimar Mercury, February 8, 1896, page 2

Columbus, Tex., Feb. 20.—County Judge J. J. Mansfield, upon petition filed to-day[sic], ordered an election to determine whether or not the town of Rock Island shall be incorporated for school purposes as an independent district. The election will be held in Rock Island on Saturday, March 10, and and[sic] J. W. Tinkler is appointed presiding officer.

Weimar Mercury, February 24, 1900, page 4

Halletsville Herald:
A gentleman who came in from Rock Island Tuesday says that a large part of that place has been moved over to a new town called Red Bluff on the Colorado river, where the big pumps for irrigating and the big rice farms are situated. He says that many who bought lots from the Rock Island town company are greatly displeased about the removal, as it has greatly depreciated the value of their property.

Weimar Mercury, May 11, 1901, page 3

Visit to Rock Island and Pickle Factory

On last Saturday a Mercury reporter, in company with Mr. W. H. Hollien, paid a visit to the Rock Island section and especially the pickling factory, establishment, plant or whatever you want to call it.

We fround Mr. Frazee and Mr. Adams busy straightening up and getting ready for the next week’s run, they stating that on Saturday about all they did was to get out balance of orders and get things in shape ro the following Monday morning. They have added another room to their already large plant, to enable them to do more work easier and quicker. We were told that from fifteen to twentypeople work in this plant when they are running full force. The variety of pickles they put up is first-class, as we were handed some samples to bring home, and after tryingthem out we can truthfully say that we know what we are talking about. The cucumbes raised around Weimar will be shipped to Rock Island andthere will be put up in bottles, cans, glass jars and barrels. The best recommendaion we can give for their products is try them, and if you don’t call for them again it is because you don’t like pickles.

After giving the pickling establishment the once over we went out to the demonstration farm, where they have put down a new well, and found Mr. Lundy busy pumping water for irrigation. Upon looking around we spied 20-acre melon patch, and Mr. Lunday said for us to drive in and help ourselves, which we did, bring home a bunch of melons weighing from forty to sixty pounds each.

Rock Island is fast coming to the front, and we predict a large city there some of these days.

Speaking of pickles again. We believe everybody should eat pickles, and if you are a Texan you should eat Texas pickles, and if you live in Colorado county you should eat Rock Island pickles. All pickles are good, but some are better, and the Rock Island pickles are of the later class. When you are in Rock Island be sure and visit the pickle people, they will be glad to have you call.

Weimar Mercury, August 13, 1926,page 1

Two Short Wave Radio Stations Operated By Rock Island Amateurs

W5BKL, In Operation A Year, Has Worked With 46 States, Mexico And Canada; New Station W5CQI, Just Licensed

Rock Island has two short wave stations, W5BKL, which has been in operation about a year and W5CQI which just commenced operations a few days ago.

Both of these stations are licensed by the federal government, through the Federal Radio Corporation at Washington.

While they are licensed for personal use only, they are considered a part of the United States Army equipment. They are operated in continental code and are handled by their operators for personal amusement.

The former station, which has been in use about a year, has had communication with 46 states in the union and with stations in Mexico and Canada. Both of the Rock Island stations are conducted through battery power, there being no electric service at that place. A record of every station communicated with is required to be kept, time of communication and how loud other stations was received, etc.

Both of the Rock Island stations are operated on 85 meters, but they can also work on 160, 20, 10, and 5 meters.

The older station is operated by W. H. Eversole and the new station just begun is operated by D. C. Larson.

Eagle Lake Headlight, January 21, 1933
Transcribed by Judy Talkington

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