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Alleyton Locals

We take this occasion to say that Mr. Albert Kessler, of Pine Grove Vineyard, is following in the footsteps of his father, and is not only making grape-growing profitable for himself, but is assisting his neighbors in disposing of their grapes, taking all the rude clusters that would not sell in the retail market for table use and converting them into wine. All honor to such public spirited men. Mr. Kessler is now proprietor of one of the best vineyards in South Texas. Long may he live to enjoy the fruit of it and be a blessing to his neighbors.

Colorado Citizen, August 27, 1885


We rejoice to learn that the lumber for the free bridge over the river, by which we shall have free access to your town, is accumulating on the ground. If any project was ever hastened to completion, by good wishes and earnest expectations, that bridge ought soon to be finished, for it is having a great amount of that kind of help.

Colorado Citizen, August 28, 1884


The Ladies' Cemetery association authorizes us to acknowledge, with many thanks, material aid from Mr. A. W. Hibbs, of Hungerford, Wharton county, who has a dear little child buried in the cemetery. They would be thankful for contributions from any persons who have friends buried here. Such contributions will be duly acknowledged and the funds faithfully appropriated. Address the Secretary of the Ladies’ Cemetery Association, Alleyton, Texas.

Colorado Citizen, April 1, 1886

Columbus Citizen: The thriving little city of Alleyton had an election Tuesday on the question of incorporating for school purposes only, and 26 votes were polled, all of which went “for.” seven trustees were elected, viz: T. W. McLeod, J. J. Everett, Ed. Braden, Henry Burttschell, W. J. Wright, L. Wink, P. Dehmer--all of whom are good men except the first, and he would be all right if he wasn’t too old.

Weimar Mercury, June 15, 1907


The building boom in our town, still goes on. Mr. Geo. Aldis is putting up a cottage on Pierce avenue, and Benjamin Henderson is building a handsome blacksmith shop,on Main Street, two doors east of L. Wink’s store.

Colorado Citizen, October 23, 1884


Two of our enterprising colored citizens are each putting up a neat cottage in town, viz: Albert Alley and John Wallace. John is a widower and Madam Rumor says he will soon take to himself a second rib in the way of a second wife and is building a cottage to take her to.

Colorado Citizen, December 3, 1885

Mrs. L. Thompson, who has been postmaster at Alleyton for twenty-one years, has resigned and gone to live in Houston, with her daughter. Her familiar face and kindly greeting will be sadly missed in her accustomed place by her many friends. Mr. Walter A. Neal is now the postmaster at Alleyton, and will keep things level. Columbus Citizen

Weimar Mercury, November 14, 1891, page 4


Don’t forget the concert on Thursday, 17th inst, (to-night) “Come one, come all,” fill up the house, and assist the “Dramatic Association” in their laudable undertaking. Their general programme is a long one, and if they carry it out (and who can doubt them?) will achieve great things for the east end. When they have enclosed the “Alleyton Cemetery” with a handsome fence, the next object is to build an iron bridge across the Colorado at Columbus, so we can have access to the Courthouse and County Site, at any time, day or night, without let or hindrance. Next they will build a large and airy courtroom to be used by the High Judge of precincet No 7, to hold court in, instead of 12 by 14 lean to’s, as has been the case for several years. Next on the programme is a calaboose in which to cage violators of the laws, until they can be properly disposed of. Last, and not least, they propose to have sidewalks on each side of Broadway, with the best matereial, for the purpose, that can be obtained this side of Alaska. Now, who would not assist them? We expect to attend every concert they have and pay our four bits every time. In this we are not joking; not a bit of it.

Colorado Citizen, May 17, 1883

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