From Chesterville, 1895-1920

A Document Written by Ruth Anderson  

Submitted to the Colorado County Message Board in 1998 by Melany J. Granville

ADAMS, George Stephens, wife Rosa Ellen, and older children Grace (Adkins), John, Golda, Gladys and Franklin came (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) from Nebraska in February 1900. Children born here were George, Texie, and twins, Earl and Pearl. Another set of twins, Mary Katharine and Martha Katherine died in infancy. Mr. Adams owned and operated the Adams Livery and Feed Stable and was an early rice planter. The family was active in borth curch and school districts.

ADKINS, Levi, wife Adaline (Coleman) came (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) in February of 1905 with their children James William, Cora, Frank and Wiley. There were two older children - George Bertil (Bert) who remained in Illinois and Gertie, who came with her husband, Ernest C. Cassidy two years later and settled in Lissie area. James William made the trip by freight with the family stock and furniture car. He was married to Grace Adams. The family came to be identified with Lissa area early.

ANDERSON, Peter, wife Augusta (Bengtson), both born in Sweden came (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) in early December of 1897 from Illinois. Older children Elmer, Arthur and Esther - born here were Benjamin, Elna, and Ruth. Andrew and Elna, the aged parents of Peter accompanied the family. This family was active in church leadership and Mr. Anderson was an early rice planter.

ANDREWS, Fox, his wife Tillie, and children Jay, Leila and Orla - came (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) from Kansas in 1907. Owned and operated Lumber and Hardware store and millinary shop. Moved away in late teens.

BACKHUS, Frederich, wife Anna, and grown sons Henry, William, Rhinehardt, and Herman, all born in Germany, came here (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) from Kansas in 1906. Two sons, Gerhardt and John remained in Kansas, two sons, Anton and Frederich, were still in Germany. Henry's wife, Sophia and possibly their first child, Sophia, came at this time. Herman was married here to ___ Haftercamp, children, Henry, Louis, and _____. Rhinehardt never married - is remembered as pump and engine man. William returned to Kansas early. Anton, wife Fredericka, children Frieda, Anton Jr., Carl, Henrietta and Fred came direct from Germany through Galveston harbor in 1909. Henry Wessels came with the family and later married the daughter Frieda. Anton Sr. bought the home place after the death of his father, Frederich, and raised his family there. He was a farmer.

BEALS, Miles M., his wife Lizzie (Elizabeth Bodle, Hunt) and her two children, Edna and Arthur Hunt, came from Arkansas in 1912. Living first in the Colorado River bottoms they moved to Chesterville (Colorado Co., TX) in 1914. Two children - Ralph and Blanche were born here. Mr. Beals was a carpenter, farmed rice. A widowed daughter of Mr. Beals, Ethel Beals Beaver joined the family here later and married Claude Bodle, they had two sons, Vernon and Marshal.

BODLE, Leonidas (Uncle Lonnie), and wife Minnie, their two sons, Claude and George, and Uncle Lonnie's father, George Bodle came (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) from Illinois in 1899. Uncle Lonnie served 2 years as Postmaster, owned and operated the hotel and a store from 1902 to 1906. Was farmer, will digger and engine man. Moved to Eagle Lake in late years. A widowed sister, (daughter to George Sr.), Elizabeth (Lizzie) Hunt and her two children Edna and Arthur joined the family here in 1901 and lived for 7 years ___. She returned to Chesterville in 1914 after her marriage to M. M. Beals. Another sister, Inis, with her husband, Bert Cade, came later from Oklahoma. Their children: Walter, Esther, Bob (or Rob), Frank, Lily and Annie. The family moved away in 1915, sometime after the death of Inis and Walter. 

BOTTINO, Quinto and wife Mary, born in Italy, came (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) from Illinois in 1904 with children Minnie, Maggie, Mary, Quinto Jr., born here Lena and Lily. Mr. Bottino was a farmer.

CARNES - Lewis, his wife, children, Bessie, Clement, Alice, Lottie May came (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) from Iowa in 1898. Moved away after about four years. Built and lived in large home later known as the Seaholm house. Planted rice. Alice Carnes Irwin living in North Dakota. 

CHESTER - The CHESTER family by whom the town (of Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) was named, is believed to be the first family in residence. They came from Olney, Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Chester, two grown children, Will and Anna, and Miss Alvina Chester, believed to be the sister or aunt of Nelson, and was our first post-mistress. The elder Chesters returned to Illinois about 1900. Anna was married to Will Kellison, and after the death of Will in 1904, she and her infant child joined her parents in Illinois. Will Chester was the outstanding family member in local development - his wife was Neva Kellison and there were children. Will was general manager and bookkeeper for the Linderholm Texas interests, hotel and store manager, a Notary Public, and served a term as Postmaster. He met, welcomed and often escorted the excursionist land seekers, herded people to safety when the hurricane came, and was available and ready with all kinds of advice, such as, was a child hurt badly enought to justify getting a doctor all the way out form town. He must have been an unusual person. Usually some fault is remembered by someone but no one has said aught against Will Chester.

CUTLER - Logan, wife Lura, children, Bertha, Elsie (Thomas), Homer, Walter, Willis (married Lucy Perry), Jesse - originally from Illinois, they spent five years in Louisianna and two at Aldine, Texas - came here (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) from Aldine in December of 1903 in a covered wagon. It was a two day trip in the mud and rain with an overnight stop at Orchard. They were accompanied by the Jim Cutler (brother to Logan) family, making 16 persons in the wagon. The Jim Cutler family returned to Iowa after one year here.

DAVIDSON - James (Jim), wife Margaret Jane (Maggie), children: Jessie, Elton (married Edith Larson in 1918), and Dora (married Louis Larson in 1923) came (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) in 1901. Born here were Sam (married Alma Miller), a son, and Della. Originally from Iowa they came here from Pearland and settled on the Dr. DeKalb farm north of town. Mr. Davidson farmed rice and cattle and was 'trouble' man for the early neighborhood telephone lines. Jessie was a school teacher.

FULFORD - F. J., wife _____ (Dozier), children, Lenora, Eddie, Harry, came here (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) from Fulshear around 1903. A married daughter, Ada, never lived here. Mr. Fulford had charge of the railroad water tower, Harry operated the machine and blacksmith shop, both girls taught music and Lenora taught school. She married a minister named Hester. The family was active in early church affairs - was still in residence when Mr. Fulford died in 1915.

GRAY - George Jr., his wife, Pearl were here (at Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) at least as early as 1900, their children Gladys, Thelma, Leon, Ralph and another son. George Sr., his second wife Matilda came in 1908. They were from Iowa. The younger man moved away after the death of his wife and daughter and George Sr. took over the management of the extensive family holdings. After his death in 1915, Matilda managed the estate. She moved to Eagle Lake in 1925.

HAWORTH - There were two Haworth families for a short while very early. William and his wife, Martha, and his son, Simon Lewis, his wife, Ross and two daughters Verda and Leta. They came (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) from Iowa, probably in 1898, since property deeds were recorded in December of that year. The older couple bought and lived in what is now the oldest existing building. They returned to Iowa and the younger family moved into the house from their property north of town. Simon Lewis and daughter, Verda, died of typhoid fever and Ross and Leta returned to Iowa in 1901.

HAYDEN - B. B. Hayden, a widower, children, Velynn (married Hazel Johnson, 1908), Olivia, and 7 year old twins Mettie and Nettie came (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) from Iowa in 1899. A married daughter, Tillie, her husband, Charlie Dutcher, and two children, Ada and Albert had come ahead - after one year the Dutchers moved to Lissie. Mr. Hayden and Lynn came by freight car and the three younger girls came by train under the care of Ad Adams, real estate agent. Early rice farmers.

HOADLEY - Charles, lived about half way to Eagle Lake along track. Grown children: Edward (Ned), and Kittie. Both served as substitute teachers and Kittie is believed to have held what was called a 'subscription' school. She married Frank Kellison, they had a daughter born in 1908. Ned married Nellie Brandstetter in 1905, they had two children, a daughter Edna May, and a son, Ned, who died in childhood. Ned, himself, was burned to death in a pumphouse gasoline explosion.

HORNBECK - Jim, wife, Lala, and son Milton lived for a time near the Larsen families about 1911-14 (in Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX).

INGRAM - William M., a widower - children, Ethel (married Virgil Horn), Randolph, Lansing (married Irene Denton), and Ward, came (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) from Oklahoma in 1913, seeking health for Mr. Ingram. One daughter Ella (Porterfield) never lived here, another daughter, Ernestine (Bamburg) lived here later.

JOHNSON - George, wife, Isabell, children, Myrtle, Roy, Hazel (married V. A. Hayden in 1908). Ole, Dewey, Harry, Harold and Ernest came (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) from Iowa in 1907; a son George was born here. The family lived here two years.

KELLISON - The Kellison family came (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) from Illinois very early, possibly with the Chesters. Lafe built and lived in for a short time one of the original homes. He was a co-owner of the Chester-Kellison general store and the family was an active part of the civic, church, and social life of the community. They always had cape jasmines around their home. There were three grown children, Neva, the wife of Will Chester, Will, who was married to the Chester daughter, Anna; (both marriages seemed to have been before coming to Texas), and Frank, who married Kittie Hoadley here in 1903 - daughter, Elizabeth. Will died in 1904 and Anna and her infant child joined her parents in Illinois. Both memory and the Headlight say Will was buried in Chesterville, but there is no record or marker - the grave may have been moved??? The elder Kellisons remained, at least until the late teens when they too returned to Illinois.

LARSEN - There were several Larsen and Larsen-related families - they bought northeast of town (Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) on sandridge - the little settlement was often referred to as Larsenville or sometimes Stringerville, since the homes were strung out in a line. They came from Missouri, the first ones in 1911, through promotion of Miller Land Co. Louis Sr. and wife, Lena, their youngest child, Louis Jr. (married Dora Davidson in 1923), a married son Martin, his wife Marian and two oldest children, John and Lala, came together. Born to Martin here were Jack, Paul, Verna, Mildred, an infant son. Coming later were: A son Tom, wife, Mary, one child, Hortense, and born here, Robert, Alvin, and Lennette. A daughter, Mary, her husband, Oscar Clark, children Louis (Buck), and George, and born here Eleanor and Norman. A daughter, Lydia, husband, Fred Moore, children, Herbert, Lowell, Lena, and born here Freddy, Haskell, and Margaret. A daughter, Carrie, her second husband, Riley Miller, and her three daughters - the Millers lived here only a few years. The Marin Larsen and Oscar Clark families later lived in Chesterville. They and Louis Sr. were rice farmers. A cousin, Henry Larsen, wife Effie, children, twins Edgar and Edith, Leslie, Lollie and Charles were here about three years. Returned to Iowa. Edith married Elton Davidson in 1918.

LINDERHOLM - The Linderholm families did not immediately move to Texas except for the son, Oscar, who managed the business here (in Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) in co-operation with his father, John, in Chicago. Soon after 1900, the family joined him here. John, his wife, two daughters, Misses Josephine and Hannah, (one married daughter, Sophia and a son, Harry, never lived here), and Oscar's wife Esther, and daughters, Clara Christine, Esther and Ruth. A niece, Mary Johnson, lived with this family. Both families moved back to Illinois in 1909. John Linderholm died in 1915 - the Headlight in writing of the death referred to him as Colonel???

LINEBARGER - Joel, wife, Susan, and sons, Thurman and Perley and a married daughter, Louella Connoley, came (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) from Crowley, Louisanna, in 1903, moved to Austin in 1908.

MALMQUIST - Gustav and wife - no children - believe born in Sweden, were here (in Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) early. Had a small store before 1900, later lived south of town. Farmed rice, Mrs. Malmquist died here around 1908.

MALTBY - Calvin, wife, Ella, came (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) from Illinois, 1904. No children. Mr. Maltby was co-owner of Salladay-Maltby store. He died 1912. Mrs. Maltby lived on near her brother, C. P. Salladay, until her death in 1921.

MARSALIA - Joe, wife, Maggie, first child Maggie, all born in Italy, came to Chesterville (Colorado Co., TX) from Illinois in 1907 with sons Johnnie and Dominick (Nick) - born here: Willie, Jimmie, Rosie and Henry. Mr. Marsalia farmed rice. He was burned to death in a pumphouse explosion in 1917.

MCLAIN - George, wife, children, Floyd, Inez, were here (in Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) early enough to plant cotton after farming in "New Jersey, Illinois, Iowa". Early rice planter. The elder McLains and Inez moved to Austin in 1908. Floyd married Pearl Nelson that year, children, Beatrice, Pauline, Floyd Jr. Moved to Eagle Lake about 1934.

MCCORMICK - Charles Hezikiah, wife, Phoebe Nancy, children, Ben, Will, Harry and Goldie, arrived (in Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) on Christmas day, 1896. A son Fred, came in the spring with family goods and stock car - a married daughter, Maude, and her husband, Nela Spillman came later. The family settled midway between Chesterville and Eagle Lake, buying land from Vineyard for $7.50 per acre. They were carpenters and early rice farmers. Came to be identified with Lissie and Eagle Lake eary.

NELSON - A Mr. Nelson, wife, Ida, and children, Pearl (married Floyd McLain), Nina, Irene, Fay, Millicent, Ellsworth, maybe others, were here (in Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) in 1907. Lived here for several years. Believed to have come from Kansas.

PERRY - Mrs. Mattie Perry, a widow, and three of her children, Lucy, Edna and Sidney, lived in Chesterville (Colorado Co., TX) where Mrs. Perry was switchboard operator in 1910. Lucy married Willis Cutler, two sons, Earl, and Elmer.

SALLADAY - Charles P., wife, Susan, son George, came (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) from Illinois in 1904, a son, Russel A. (Bill) was born here. Mr. Salladay served as postmaster and in a partnership with his brother-in-law operated the Salladay-Maltby store. Mrs. Salladay was local correspondent to Eagle Lake Headlight several years. This family was active in church and community affairs and is still identified with Chesterville with descendants still living on initial purchase. Rice farmers.

SEAHOLM - Axel, his second wife, Selma, borth born in Sweden and Axel's 4 sons, Gus, Carl, Ernest, and Helmer, came (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) from Austin in 1896. Born here were daughters Mabel, Blanche, and Allie. The family settled first on Prairie north of Eagle Lake just inside school district 32 - moved into Chesterville in 1902 and then to Eagle Lake about 1908. Mr. Seaholm was a carpenter, rice farmer and musician.

SEMORA - Joe, wife, Celia and two daughters Mamie and Louella, born here (in Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX), Tommie, Leda, Stella, Joe, Bill, Charlie, Viola, and twins, Elmer (Buster) and Elton (Buddy). Originally from Yoakum, they had spent two years at Sandies before coming to Chesterville in the late spring of 1897 and settling north of town near the Bernard. They came by oxen drawn covered wagon and were our only homesteaders in that they bought their land directly from the state (called school lands) for $3.00 per acre on 40 year terms. It is a family story that the wagon was met on the prairie by men on horseback (referred to as cattle or open range interest) who rather roughly asked what he was doing here. The then young Joe, replied that he had taken land 'over there' and intended to do whatever he had to do to make a living. (He could not know it of course, but it was prophetic, for that is what they all did, particularly those who stayed.) The rest of the story is that the cow men said, "Out here we kill men who get in our way." To which Joe said, "And where I came from we kill each other" and rode on. Descendants still live on the initial purchase.

SPILLMAN - Nela, wife, Maude (McCormick), no children. Came from Iowa before 1899 (?). Mr. Spillman was an oustanding school man for his time - taught in all three of the school districts. Later farmed rice.

TELLARO - James, and wife, born in Italy, came (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) from Illinois in 1906, with daughters Mary, Laura, Rosie, Lida. Two sons, Clarence and Slyvester were born here. This family has kept their Chesterville identity with descendants still living on the initial family purchase. They are rice farmers.

TILTON - Ernest C., wife, Rosie, children, Francis, Florence. Came (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) from Weimar in 1912, born here were Pearl, Ernest, and Morris. Mr. T. farmed rice. The Tilton family joined her parents, The T. B. Wrights, who had come here from Kansas in 1907. Mr. Wright, a carpenter, had bought the old first saloon, a green building and moved it north of town for a home.

TOWNLEY - John C., wife, Emeline, and two older children, Harold and Laura Jane, came (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) by train from Putman County, Illinois in January of 1896 after Mr. Townley's excursion visit in November of 1895. Children born here were Verda (believed to be Chesterville's first baby) and her tiny twin sister, who was buried at home since there was as yet no cemetery, and a son George.

TUBBS - Berry, wife, Fannie, came (to Chesterville, Colorado Co., TX) from Wallis in 1902 with two daughters, Emma (married Armit Thomas) and Rosalie. Born here were Leroy, Alton, Linnie, Ruth, Bessie and Clinton, and Raymond. Except for two brief intervals, the family lived here continuously. Mr. Tubbs came first as pump and engine man for the Linderholm wells, later farmed rice and, in the 30s, served as Postmaster.

THOMAS - Griff E., wife, Anna, born in Wales, came here from Iowa December 31, 1897 with children, Davie (married Elsie Cutler 1906), Armitt (married Emma Tubbs, 1920), Mary Jane, Ruth, Mose, Griff and Esther - Minnie and William were born here. The family settled on the county line road about 1 1/2 miles from S. P. railroad and by 1906 or so, came to be identified with the Lissie area and later Eagle Lake. Mr. Thomas was an early rice farmer.

WHITE - Thomas, wife, Laura, children, Bertha (McMillan), Walton, Charlie, born here Claude, Harvey, Myrtle, Robert. Came from Indian Territory in Oklahoma to San Bernard River home in 1899, moved into Chesterville (Colorado Co., TX) in late 1902, and to Lissie in 1910. Mr. White was an engine man and rice farmer.

WILKERSON - William, two daughters, Maude and Ruth, and a married son Jeptha, and wife Nellie, one daughter, Frances came from Kansas in the spring of 1907. Jeptha's daughter Hazel was born here. Were rice farmers, carpenters and painters. Nellie managed the hotel for a year. The younger family returned to Kansas in late 1908. Maude managed hotel, married Chris Cook, daughter Florence born here, moved to Houston, 1912.

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