Miller Creek Cemetery

  • Location: at the intersection of County Road 210 and County Road 214
  • Earliest known year of death: 1878
  • Racial mix: all white
  • Number of known burials to date: 76
  • If you have any corrections, additions or obituaries pertaining to this cemetery, please contact the county coordinator.


Move on Foot to Fence Miller Creek Cemetery

There was a meeting at the Millers’ Creek Cemetery Monday afternoon for the purpose of raising money enough to put a new fence around it, as the old fence is about played out. Not many were present, but we hope that each and everyone will come forward with their dollar.

Weimar Mercury, January 23, 1920, page 7

Places Markers on Schwede Graves

Mrs. Fred Monke has returned to her home in Weinert, Texas, after visiting her relatives, Mrs. Clara Reichert, Mrs. Emil Beken, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rahlwes, Mrs. Charles Rahlwes, and friends here.

She also placed markers on the graves of her grandfather and grandmother, the Schwedes, and her sister Christine Schwede, in the Kieler [Miller Creek] Cemetery.

Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Kieler gave the land for the cemetery, part of the Kieler farm. They also were grandparents of Mrs. Monke's. The Schwede and Kieler families were early landowners in the Oak Grove community.
Weimar Mercury, September 2, 1971, page 2

Berthold, Christina Cathrena; born: May 2, 1826; died: Mar 20, 1918;
Married Friedrich Berthold, Oct 20, 1849

Berthold, Henry John; born: Oct 28, 1872; died: Jul 6, 1904;

Berthold, John M.; born: Jul 15, 1866; died: Dec 9, 1941;
Son of Fritz and Annie Berthold

Berthold, Mickie Sarah.; born: Feb 14, 1869; died: Oct 10, 1921;
Daughter of George Washington and Sarah (Rees) Houchins, married John M. Berthold

Cooper, Elmira; born: Jun 1 1839; dued: Oct 24, 1927;
Daughter of Seaborn and Margaret (Robertson) Stapleton, married William Jasper Cooper in 1860

Cooper, John Glenn; born: May 15, 1910; died: May 27, 1935;
Son of Warren Stapleton and Mary Margaret (Baca) Cooper, died while in the US Navy

Cooper, Mary Margaret; born: Jul 11, 1883; died: Oct 10, 1972;
Daughter of John and Mary Baca, married Warren Stapleton Cooper Nov 15, 1906

Cooper, Robert E.; born: Jun 19, 1869; died: Feb 11, 1933;
Son of William Jasper and Elmira (Stapleton) Cooper

Cooper, Warren Stapleton; born: Jun 1, 1875; died: Feb 18, 1950;
Son of William Jasper and Elmira (Stapleton) Cooper, married Mary Margaret Baca Nov 15, 1906

Cooper, Wella; born: Mar 1878; died: May 4, 1941;
Daughter of William Jasper and Elmira (Stapleton) Cooper

Forcier, Josephine M.; born: Apr 30, 1927; died: May 13, 1968;
Daughter of John Henry and Anna (Baca) Miller [Parents' names from death certificate]

Gray, Lillie; born: Apr 16, 1899; died: Apr 15, 1929;
Daughter of Reinhard and Minnie (Berthold) Greak, married Randolf Gray

Greak, Alma Lena; born: Mar 3, 1905; died: May 19, 1924;
Daughter of August Henry and Anna (Schram) Pachel, married John Greak

Greak, Henry John; born: Feb 4, 1883; died: Nov 6, 1965;
Son of Reinhard and Minnie (Berthold) Greak

Greak, Minnie; born: Jan 15, 1855; died: Oct 20, 1922;
Daughter of Friedrich and Christina Berthold, married Reinhard Greak, Mar 3, 1874

Greak, Reinhard; born: May 18, 1852; died: Jun 28, 1930;

Grodhaus, Arthur; born: Dec 15, 1884; died: Jul 19, 1899;
Son of Louis and Mollie (Mehrens) Grodhau

Grodhaus, unknown; born: Apr 19, 1900; died: Apr 19, 1900;
Daughter of Louis and Mollie (Mehrens) Grodhaus

Helmers, Helena; born: 1888; died: unknown;
Daughter of Gerhardt and Emilie (Kieler) Helmers

Hoegemeyer, William; born: Jul 17, 1832; died: Jul 26, 1882;
Confederate veteran

Hoffmann, Albert; born: Oct 13, 1860; died: Oct 23, 1936;
Son of Ernest Hoffmann [Father's name from death certificate]

Hoffmann, Emma; born: Oct 17, 1873; died: Nov 23, 1935;
Daughter of Ernest Klimple, married Albert Hoffmann in 1899 [Father's name from death certificate]

Hoffmann, Helen; born: Nov 24, 1905; died: Dec 11, 1972;
Daughter of Albert and Emma (Klimple) Hoffmann

Jones, Sherrod B.; born: Aug 27, 1922; died: Apr 7, 2006;
Son of Edmund and Ettie (Manry) Jones

Kieler, Konrad; born: Oct 13, 1818; died: Aug 30, 1888;

Kohleffel, Carl Frederick; born: Jan 29, 1806; died: Jul 26, 1888;

Kohleffel, Christina; born: unknown; died: Mar 6, 1906;

Kohleffel, Fred; born: unknown; died: Feb 2, 1885;

Kohleffel, Helena; born: Dec 25, 1856; died: Jun 28, 1933;
Née Kitzing, married William August Ferdinand Kohleffel, April 14, 1873

Kohleffel, unknown; born: 1883; died: 1883;
Child of William August Ferdinand and Helena (Kitzing) Kohleffel

Kohleffel, William August Ferdinand; born: Aug 9, 1848; died: Feb 2, 1885;

Lucko, Augusta Ann; born: Jul 28, 1943; died: Jul 13, 2011;
Daughter of Walter and Erna (Trojan) Lucko

Lucko, Erna; born: Mar 18, 1901; died: Nov 7, 1988;
Daughter of Henry and Amalia Malvina (Voskamp) Trojan, married Walter Lucko, Sep 18, 1926

Lucko, Leonard; born: 1935; died: Jan 29, 1944;
Son of Walter and Erna (Trojan) Lucko, accidentally shot

Lucko, Owen Louis; born: Mar 29, 1941; died: Nov 29, 1954;
Son of Walter and Erna (Trojan) Lucko, killed in farming accident

Lucko, Walter August; born: Aug 23, 1906; died: Oct 3, 1982;
Son of Paul and Alvina (Trojan) Lucko

Manzanera, Betty Jo; born: Jun 8, 1938; died: Nov 1, 1976;
Daughter of Gale and Cloe (Crannell) Phipps [Parents' names from death certificate]

Manzanera, Frona; born: Jul 11, 1912; died: Feb 20, 2002;
Daughter of Conrad and Roxanne (Posey) Reichardt, married Lorenzo Manzanera, Nov 17, 1933

Manzanera, Lorenzo; born: Feb 16, 1911; died: Mar 11, 2000;
Son of Juan de Baptist Manzanera de Campos and Elena Gonzales

Mehrens, Carl F.A.; born: Oct 21, 1861; died: Jan 18, 1902;

Mehrens, Emma Frederike Louis; born: Aug 9, 1866; died: Jul 7, 1935;
Daughter of Charlie Kohleffel, married Carl F.A. Mehrens [Father's name from death certificate]

Mehrens, Gerhard; born: Feb 14, 1840; died: Nov 17, 1913;
Confederate veteran

Mehrens, Sophie; born: Feb 26, 1837; died: Sep 15, 1918;
Née Kohleffel, married Gerhard Mehrens

Miller, Anna M.; born: Dec 10, 1885; died: Jan 23, 1952;
Daughter of John and Mary (Kruclec) Baca, married John Henry Miller

Miller, Johann; born: c. 1830; died: c. 1885;
Son of Gerhard and Elizabeth (Beselager) Miller

Miller, John Henry; born: May 30, 1871; died: Apr 27, 1935;
Son of John and Mary Miller

Miller, Julius John; born: Jul 8, 1922; died: Dec 23, 1998;
Son of John Henry and Anna (Baca) Miller, veteran of World War II

Miller, Mary Elizabeth; born: Apr 26, 1838; died: Jul 5, 1910;
Née Dampken, married Johann Miller

Pachal, August Henry; born: Aug 1, 1869; died: Oct 4, 1929;
Married Anna Schram

Pesak, Gladys M.; born: Jul 5, 1932; died: Aug 31, 2006;
Daughter of Walter August and Erna (Trojan) Lucko, married Joseph E. Pesak

Pesak, Joseph E.; born: Mar 11, 1923; died: Nov 27, 2001;
Son of Innocenc and Albina (Merecka) Pesak, veteran of World War II

Rutledge, Delno J.; born: Mar 7, 1910; died: Sep 24, 1975;
Son of Charles and Sophie (Berthold) Rutledge, veteran of World War II

Rutledge, Sophie; born: Aug 28, 1881; died: May 4, 1946;
Daughter of Johann Fredrich "Fritz" and Anna (Ehweiner) Berthold, married Charles Rutledge, Dec 13, 1901

Rutledge, Tom; born: Mar 13, 1904; died: Sep 23, 1968;
Son of Charles and Sophie (Berthold) Rutledge, veteran of World War II

Rutledge, Walter; born: Jun 28, 1905; died: Sep 6, 1990;
Son of Charles and Sophie (Berthold) Rutledge, veteran of World War II

Scheller, Louis Henry; born: Aug 25, 1859; died: May 8, 1949;
Son of Rudolph and Fredericka (Hillerbrandt) Scheller [Parents' names from death certificate]

Scheller, Mary Jane; born: Jul 28, 1858; died: Jul 1924;
Daughter of Friedrich and Christina Berthold, married Louis Henry Scheller, Jan 4, 1883

Scheller, Tommy; born: 1889; died: 1891;
Son of Louis Henry and Mary Jane (Berthold) Scheller

Schulze, Friedericke W.; born: Mar 25, 1813; died: Dec 7, 1878;
Née Kohleffel, married Joachin Ortmann, married Karl Heinrich Schulze, Dec 23, 1853

Schulze, Romelda Meta; born: Apr 6, 1899; died: Jun 24, 1899;
Daughter of C. H. and Augusta Schulze

Schwartz, Hermann; born: Feb 28, 1903; died: Jul 28, 1977;
Son of Stephen and Mary Schwartz

Schwartz, unknown; born: unknown; died: unknown;
Married Hermann Schwartz

Schwede, Anna; born: 1826; died: May 27, 1899;
Married Gottfried Schwede

Schwede, Christine; born: 1900; died: 1900;
Daughter of Charles and Annie (Kieler) Schwede [mother's name from wedding announcement and newspaper article above]

Schwede, Gottfried; born: 1820; died: 1886;

Smith, Owen C.; born: Jun 3, 1908; died: Jun 11, 1908;

Trojan, Amalia Malvine; born: Dec 9, 1860; died: Jun 24, 1935;
Daughter of Johann Heinrich and Johanna Christiane (Hildebrandt) Voskamp, married Henry Trojan

Trojan, Elsie; born: Sep 10, 1904; died: Nov 2, 1904;
Daughter of Henry and Amalia Malvine (Voskamp) Trojan

Trojan, Henry; born: May 10, 1861; died: May 6, 1941;
Son of Franz Peter and Elsie (Rathke) Trojan [Parents' names from death certificate]

Voskamp, Anna Pauline Christine; born: Aug 8, 1854; died: Oct 26, 1933;
Daughter of Johann Heinrich and Johanna Christiane (Hildebrandt) Voskamp

Voskamp, Henry; born: Mar 6, 1859; died: 1934;
Son of Johann Heinrich and Johanna Christiane (Hildebrand) Voskamp (baptised Ernst Heinrich)

Voskamp, Wilhelm Otto; born: Dec 10, 1866; died: Aug 5, 1909;
Son of Johann Heinrich and Johanna Christiane (Hildebrand) Voskamp

Wegenhoft, Augusta F.; born: Nov 17, 1845; died: Jan 4, 1931;
Née Wolters, married John Wegenhoft, Oct 10, 1865

Wegenhoft, Bettie; born: Sep 18, 1881; died: Jan 31, 1882;

Wegenhoft, Gussie; born: Dec 29, 1888; died: Nov 14, 1889;

Wegenhoft, John; born: Jul 7, 1835; died: Nov 17, 1919;
Confederate veteran

Wegenhoft, Leon J.; born: Jan 2, 1897; died: Jul 20, 1898;

Wegenhoft, Will; born: Feb 10, 1876; died: Nov 9, 1917;
Son of John and Augusta (Wolters) Wegenhoft, body moved to Odd Fellows Rest in Columbus in the 1960s


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