A Colorado County Will

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Gillespie, Julia Ann (Wright)

Last Will and Testament, filed March 30, 1898, Colorado Co. TX:

I, Julia A. Gillespie, resident in the above named State and County being The State of Texas, County of Colorado, do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby annulling and revoking all former wills by me at any time made. Item 1st Having heretofore provided for my eldest son James W. Gillespie so far as my means permitted I name him here not to make further provision for him but in token of my affectionate regard.

Item 2nd To my son Thomas H. Gillespie I give up and release notes and claims which I hold against him to the amount of two thousand dollars. These notes and claims are given up and delivered to my said son upon the day of the date of this will.

Item 3rd To my daughter Mattie J. Sale wife of Henry T Sale, I give two promissory notes executed and delivered to me by her said husband for the sum of eight hundred and seventy five dollars each. These notes are dated of the 22nd day of November 1872 one of them due the 1st day of November 1876 and the other the 1st day of November 1877.

Item 4th To my son John P. Gillespie I have conveyed a tract of land with the improvements thereon situate in Colorado County by deed dated the 30th day of June 1874; and I hereby release him from all obligation to pay for said land.

Item 5th. To my son William E Gillespie I give and devise a tract of land containing one hundred and seventy acres situated in Colorado County and lying between two tracts of land conveyed by me respectively to my two sons Thomas H and John P Gillespie, I also bequeath to my said son William E five hundred dollars out of any property or money that I may have at my decease.

Item 6th To my son Andrew J Gillespie I give two thousand dollars out of any property or money that I may have at my decease.

Item 7th To my son Allen C Gillespie and my daughter Hope Gillespie I give and bequeath all the residue of my property of whatsoever kind or discription to be equally divided between them.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this the 2nd day September 1874.

Julia A Gillespie

Signed in the presence of : H C Everett and L E LeTulle who also signed in the presence of the testatrix

From: Bob Gillespie



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