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Sept. 18.--We are requested to state to the patrons of our school that Prof. Hy. Nockemann wil teach this term, and school will open on Oct. 2nd., and hopes that all will be present on the opening day.
Weimar Mercury, September 22, 1911, page 2
The patrons of Wildwood school, northeast of town, have raised sufficient funds to erect a new and substantial 24z40 school building, and are now at work on same. The school trustees last session employed Miss Selma Strunk as teacher, and were highly pleased with her. But for the fact that she had made other arrangements, she likely would have been employed for another term at an increased salary. The trustees have secured Miss Lillie Strauss of Lavaca county to teach the school next session.
Weimar Mercury, June 23, 1906, page 4


The 1937-38 school term terminates on Friday, April 29th, with graduation exercise and a school program that night. Supt. E. H. Patton of LaGrange, who is deputy state superintendent of District 23, will deliver the commencement address, and Judge Henry Buescher of Columbus will also deliver a short address and present diplomas to the seventh and ninth grade graduates.

We feel fortunate indeed in securing the services of these two distinguished men, and feel that those who favor us with their presence that night will find no occasion for disappointment.

The graduation dance which is scheduled for Saturday, April 30th, also promises to be a delightful affair and barring inclement weather a large crowd is expected. The dance is given in honor of the graduating class, which includes the following personnel: Adela Cernoch, Tillie Gold, Mary Ann Hudec, Frank Hauser, and Thomas Varnell. At 9:30 the graduates presentation takes place. This brief ceremony was delegated to the able hands of Judge A. J. Ratliff, who consented to be with us. Further particulars pertaining to this dance appear among the ads of today’s Weimar Mercury. We are extending each and all a cordial invitation to be with us. R.
Weimar Mercury, April 29, 1938, page 6

Wildwood, Osage Annexation Vote Set for June 4

Last of the annexation election will be held here Friday, June 4 when voters of Weimar, Wildwood and Osage districts go the polls and indicate whether they favor annexing the Wildwood and Osage district to Weimar.

Eligible to vote will be all resident living within the boundaries of these three districts, who have paid their poll taxes, are of voting age, and are qualified as citizens. It should be pointed out that you do not reed to have paid a property tax, and that wives and children of voting age an eligible to vote.

Voting boxes will be set up at the Weimar City Hall, Wildwood School, and Osage School, with residents of the respective districts voting in their own district.

In an advertisement elsewhere in this issue, the Weimar School Board makes some statements which merit the thoughtful consideration of all voters. To the residents of these three districts, the Board says: "We have ONE community (and a good one) let's have ONE public school system for that community (and make it a good one). We can accomplish this by approving the annexation of the Wildwood and Osage districts to the Weimar Independent District, which is the final move in a program for unifying the school facilities of this community."

Eligible to vote in Weimar, in addition to residents of the "old" Weimar district, are those of the former Oak Grove, New Bielau, St. Paul, New Brunn, Oakland, County Line, Harmony, Borden, Live Oak, Bois d‘Arc districts, all of which have been annexed to the Weimar district and are now a part of it in school matters.
Weimar Mercury, May 28, 1948, page 1

Wildwood and Osage Annexed, 223 to 40

Carrying by more than 30 to 1 at the Weimar box while losing 10 to I in the other two boxes combined, the grand total in last Friday's annexation election was: For annexation, 223; against annexation, 40

Thus Wildwood and Osage districts became the eleventh and twelfth to join the Weimar Independent School District, ending a series of elections pointed toward making one good community school for Weimar and all the outlying small settlements. All will come in to the Weimar school by bus now, with the exception of one or two elementary schools that will continue where they are.

In Weimar Friday the vote was 217 for and 7 against. In Wildwood, it was 3 for and 27 against. And in Osage it was 3 for and 13 against.
Weimar Mercury, June 11, 1948, page 1


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