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St. Michael's School, 1902-1919

Photo courtesy Sandra Long Anders
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November test has been a lucky one for the following pupils, as each, has made a general average of 85 per cent and therefore deserves special mentions:

Eighth Grade--John Barta, Oscar Heller, Frank Heller, Laura Sciba.

Seventh Grade--Edgar Seifert, Edgar Anders, Willie Barta, Erna Beck, Tillie Ulrich, Bertha Ulrich, Elizabeth Seifert.

Sixth Grade--Joe Verunac, Lillie Muenster, Rheinhard Hollas, Edgar Banse, Lawrence Wanja, Henrietta Guenther, Ida Schindler.

The names of the following pupils have been placed on the honor roll: Laura Sciba, Frank Heller, eighth grade; Edgar Anders, Elizabeth Seifert, Bertha Ulrich, Erna Beck, Tillie Ulrich, seventh grade; Joe Verunac, Edgar Banse, Lillie Muenster, sixth grade.

Fourth Grade--Wenceslaus Muzny, Justina Hlozek, Regina Gold, Tillie Wick, Mary Janecka, Martha Walzel, Lillie Verunac, Annie Schindler, Henrietta Schindler, Bertha Mendel, Albina Ulrich, Tillie Koisler, Edna Beck, Gabriella Sumbera.

Fifth Grade--Willie Kainer, Rudolf Holub, Henry Heger, Ella Ripper, Elsie Pavlik, Lydia Freis, Anna Michalcik.

Third Grade--Henry Seifert, Joe Boehm, Edgar Helmcamp, Edna Kubos, Florence Anders, Lena Stall, Mathilda Tannich, Hetty Manovsky, Alice Dostal, Lillie Banse, Annie Banse, Dora Anders, Martha Hluchanek, Josephine Heller, Lillie Janacek, Henrietta Heller, Annie Verunac, Mary Nemac, Mary Krecmer, Leona Polk, Josie Hudec.

Second Grade--Virginia Beck, Vandalee Seifert, Florence Polk, Alma Hluchanek, Annie Kasper, Wilma Seifert, Edgar Banse, George Muzny, Willie Sassin, George Humplik, Leonard Seifert.

We understand that in the near future our play ground is to be entirely renovated, thanks to our zealous priests and to the societies of the parish.

We are now preparing for our Christmas programme, which is to take place during the holidays.


Weimar Mercury, December 6, 1922.


(Special Correspondence)

WEIMAR, Tex., May 27. Graduation at St. Michael's School was held Wednesday evening. Salutatory was given by Leona Billeck, the valedictory by Lillie Gold. The graduates are: Lillie Gold, Josie Sassin, Leona Billeck, Clara Breitkruz, Mary Muzny, Leroy Polk, Lawrence Seifert, Eugene Polk, Robert Heger, George Berger and Joseph Fietsam.

San Antonio Express, 28 May 1932, page 9
Submitted by Matt Cross

Commencement excercises for the grammar graduates of St. Michael’s School will take place in the school auditorium on Sunday, May 22, at 7:30 p.m. The program is as follows:
The Spinning Song. Bernice Vacek.
Salutatory. Leona Elstner
Song. Our Yesterdays, Graduates.
Address. Very Rev. Dean J. Szymanski
Conferring of Diplomas
Valedictory. Billie Osina.
Song. Farewell, Graduates
Violin Selection, Werner Pavlik.
The Trials of a Boy, Grades.
Piano Solo. John McLeaish
Nellie’s Quarter, Tots.
Recitation, “Jim” Mildred Kuchar.
Violin Selection. Gilbert Kainer
“Spook’s Island”, three-Act Play.
Piano Solo, Joe Burtschell.
The graduating class consists of the following members: Joe Banse, Leroy Bartosh, John Cernosek, Leona Elstner, Mary Hanselka, Mildred Kuchar, Rufus Leihardt, Billie Osina, J. R. Till. R.

Weimar Mercury May 20, 1938, page 3

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