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Pin Oak

District No. 24

Pin Oak School - ca 1910

Front Row: Frank Untermeyer, Lena Untermeyer, Henry Elsik, Mary Krietz, Frank Dungen, Elsie Dungen (not yet a student, b. 1905)
Row 2: Teacher: Miss Sadie Humphreys, Irene Dungen, Frank Elsik, Lydia Dungen, Joe Elsik, Vic Dungen, Elo Vogelsang
Back Row: Robert Vogelsang, Hilda Dungen, Ben Buxkemper, Lee Dungen

Pin Oak School

Front: Lizzie Buxkemper, Robert Vogelsang, Hilda Dungen
Back: Ed Buxkemper, Cecile Buxkemper, ? Vogelsang, Millie Dungen, Dedrick Vogelsang

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