Colorado County Schools

Oakland, # 13

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Weimar Local Matters
Prof. J. W. Holt will open his school in Oakland on the fourth Monday in this month. He has been teaching in that place with marked success for some time, and has now employed the services of a competent female assistant, capable of teaching music, and we bespeak for him liberal patronage.
Colorado Citizen, September 22, 1881

Oakland Notes
Oakland can now boast of four active schools, one at the Academy, under the supervision of Prof. Petersen, which is well attended, a private school taught by Mrs. Wm. Grobe, who has as many pupils as she can attend to; a singing school conducted with remarkable success by Prof. Long, with a large attendance and much interest manifested; and a colored normal school conducted by Prof. J. R. Townsend, a graduate of the North Carolina normal school. The school has an attendance of forty-five pupils, a great many being from a distance. The Professor is a thorough teacher and is wielding a wholesome influence over our colored population.
Colorado Citizen, May 10, 1883


Oakland Newsy Notes
The public school closed here last Thursday after a five and a half month’s session. The number of pupils enrolled, 96; with the scholastic term, 89. The scholastic daily attendance, 70.16, average 64 2/5. Average attendance over and under, 5. There were 7 over and under. Scholastic fund, $561.43. Average scholastic actual daily attendance paid, $1.68; per enrollment, $1.12. A private school is now being taught with a fair attencance only of pupils.
Weimar Mercury March 24, 1892


The following pupils of the Oakland School met the requirements of regular and punctual attendance and work not below the grade of “B” in any subject, and are on the honor roll of the school for the sixth month of the term:
Third Grade - Elvie Tesch, Wilma Hasse, Milady Krizak, Robert B Fowlkes and Alex Teltschik
Fourth Grade - Elna Havemann
Seventh Grade - Norine Havemann
Eightth Grade - Erwin Teltschik
Tenth Grade - Sophia Mulstein and Ethel Scott
Oscar T. Blaschke, Prin.
Weimar Mercury, March 16, 1928


The free school term opened last Monday morning with Miss Susie Hutchins as principal and Miss Maggie Bouldin, assistant, and attendance fifty pupils.
Weimar Mercury, November 11, 1893


We are pleased to learn that Prof. W. A. Pitts has been re-elected principal of the Oakland school. Prof. Pitts is a fine, scholarly gentleman, and will make a splendid success of his school.
Weimar Mercury, August 8, 1891

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