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New Bielau, # 44

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Former New Bielau (then New Bielau - Content) School Building. Now used as a community center.

Prof. P. G. Ranft of New Ulm will teach the New Bielau school the ensuing session. The professor is a teacher of ability, comes well recommended, and the patrons of the New Bielau school feel that they ahve secured a fine teacher.
Weimar Mercury, September 17, 1915


New Bielau School Opening

The next term of the New Bielau-Content Consolidated School will begin Monday, Sept. 21, with the following corps of teachers: Mrs. R. W. Marsh principal, R. W. Mach, Misses Esther Baird and Frankie Hildebrand assistants. Ten grades will be taught. Pupils from 7 to 21 years are eligible to free tuition.
Weimar Mercury, September 11, 1925


New Bielau School Elects Three Faculty Members This Week

Trustees of the New Bielau-Content Consolidaed School district have, with the exception of a principal yet to be selected, completed its election of faculty members for the 1939-1940 scholastic year, according to announcement from Arthur H. Koehn, board secretary.

Re-elected were Miss Alma Dean White of Liberty Hill, Mrs. Robert McMillan, Jr., and Miss Mary Grant, both of Weimar.
A successor for Principal W. G Mettke, who recently resigned, will be chosen at a later date, Mr.Koehn said.
Weimar Mercury, April 14, 1939


New Bielau-Content Principal Elected

Weimar Texas, May 7.--C. C. Jennings of Gale has been elected principal of the New Bielau-Content Consolidated School for the 1939-1940 scholastic term, it was reported by Arthur H. Koehn, seccretary of the board of trustees.

Mr. Jennings, a graduate of the University of Texas, has served for the past 13 years in the schools of Williamson and Guadalupe counties. His post graduate work was done at the Universtiy of Texas.

Selection of the new principal, who succeeds G. W. Mettke, resigned, completes the faculty for next year. Additional faculty members include Mrs. Robert McMillan, Jr., and Miss Mary Grant of Weimar and Miss Alma Dean White of Liberty Hill.
Weimar Mercury, May 12, 1939

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