Reminiscences of Colorado County

Henry C. Thomas

County Attorney O. P. Moore and Mr. Henry C. Thomas, former Weimar Citizen, were up from Columbus Wednesday morning and favored this office with a pleasant call. It was indeed a pleasure to see our old friend, Henry Thomas. The senior editor’s acquaintance with Mr. Thomas dates back to 1877, during which year a great tournament was held in Columbus, with Mr. Thomas taking part on the back of the wildest horses[sic] it has ever been our good fortune to see. While running the tournament, however, the horse ran as smoothly and evenly as anyone could desire. Mr. Thomas was victor in the tournament and crowned Miss Maud Campbell, at that time the leading belle of Columbus as queen. The tournament was held at the old volksfest grounds in Columbus. Returning to the business part of town, Mr. Thomas’ horse endeavored to enter the old Sherrill Livery Stable, while going almost at full speed. The lower gates were closed, but the upper part of same was open. The horse gave a leap and endeavored to sail over the lower gates. As he did so Mr. Thomas’ head struck the upper frame work, knocking him unconscious, and for a long time Henry Thomas was really and truly “down and out”. It was feared he would die from the effects of his injuries, but he lived through it. However, he still bears the scar on his forehead that was placed here away back in 1877.

Weimar Mercury, March 4, 1938, page 4

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