19th Century
Colorado County Photographers

Colorado County

Delfraisse, L.Eugeme
1897 Colorado Citizen (Nov 18)


Anderson & Bennett
1870 Tax
1871 Colorado Citizen (Oct 19)

Behne, G. A
1860 Census

Callaway & Peterson
1876 Colorado Citizen (July 6)

Callaway, Alonzo Newell
1876 Colorado Citizen (Nov 9)
1877 Colorado Citizen (Feb 15)

Chapman, John H
1877 Colorado Citizen (Mar 22)
1879 Colorado Citizen (Nov 27
1880 Census

Clark & Barker
1858 Colorado Citizen (Jul 24)

Dunn, G. W.
1867 Tax
1869 Tax

Elrod, Thomas B.
1884 Colorado Citizen (May 22)
1898-99 BG (Evad)
1900 Census

Fey & Braunig
1887 Colorado Citizen (Feb 17)

Fisher, G
1870 Tax

Freeman, Gamiel C.
1884 Colorado Citizen (Feb 14)

Gorsuch, Nicholas B.
1858 Colorado Citizen (Jan 23)
1870 Tax

Henausin, W. F. E. C.
1869 Tax

Kuhn, H
1869 Tax

Mullens, John J.
1858 Colorado Citizen (May 14) Mullins

Swartz & Freeman (Columbus)
1882-83 TSG

Swartz , David H.
1884-85 TSG

1859 Colorado Citizen (Sep 22)

Voron, F.
Made crayon enlargements of photographs
Colorado Citizen (Sep 23, 1880 May 12, 1881)

Eagle Lake

Lawrence, D. H.
1867 Tax

Lott, Sarah D.
1900 Census


Jacobsen, S. E.
1894 Mercury (July 28)
1895 Mercury (Sept 21)

Randall, A. F.
1897 Colorado Citizen ( Mar 18)
1899 Colorado Citizen ( May 18)

Serkinko, Julius
1900 Census

Tax—Federal Pcci[aopm Tax. 1866-1870 (records in he National Archives, Washington, or the National Archives Regional Depository, Fort Worth), or Texas Occupation Tax, 1870-1900 (records in the State Archives Austin,or the Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office of the county)

TSG—Texas Gazetteer and Business Directory for the date in the listing.

BG—Texas Universal Business Guide (Note: Data from this source must be used very carefully. It is often totally incorect and is included only for completeness.)

Messrs. Clark & Barker are now engaged in taking transcripts of "the human face divine" at their room over W. M. Baker's store. We have examined their specimens and do not hesitate to pronounce them the best Ambrotypes we have ever seen. Here is a fine opportunity offered to the young folks of either sex to make their sweet-hearts a nice present. What more suitable memento could you present to a friend living in a distant land! and when that friend is mouldering in the clay what more pleasing and refiningin its influence, though sad be the associations, than to gaze on the features of the [sic.]"the loved and lost"? By the way, Mr. Clark is a most pleasant operator and will impress your features on glass with the greatest ease imaginable.

Colorado Citizen, Saturday, July 24, 1858

New Photograph Gallery.

Mr. Louis Rice, an artist of many years’ experience, and assisted by Mr. M. L. Potash, who is also a first class workman, takes pleasure in announcing to the citizens of Weimar and vicinity that he has opened his photograph gallery one door south of the Tooke Hotel and will remain here for a short time. Parties wishing good work in the photographic line should not fail to take advantage of so excellent an opportunity. the public ae invited to call and see samples and visitors are welcome at all times.

Weimar Gimlet, October 29, 1885


We. the undersigned, have opened a new Photograph Gallery in your city. In order to give an inducement, we give you with each dozen photographs one enlarged photo free of charge.

Will meet all competition. Our agent will call on you and show you samples. Enlarged photographs will only be given until November 1st, after which regular prices will be charged.

Your patronage is solicited. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Next door to Dan Stafford’s

Weimar Mercury, November 17, 1894


Haynes, David. Catching Shadows, A Directory of 19th-Century Texas Photographers. Austin: Texas State Historical Association, 1993.


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