Union Veterans in Colorado County

This list was compiled by Ernest Mae Seaholm from the special schedule of the 1890 census of "surviving soldiers, sailors, and marines, and widows, etc." of "the war of the rebellion" in Colorado County as well as obituaries in the county newspapers. Additional information was added from cemetery lists and censuses of 1870, 1880, and 1900.

We welcome corrections, additional names, and information on veterans who have been omitted. Please contact the Ernest Mae Seaholm or county coordinator.

Baldwin, Jacob H., Jr. (ca 1845-ca 1877), Pvt. in Co. B, 144 Ohio Inf. He was born about 1845 in Ohio. He married Mary Emma Hawkins in 1870. He was working in Columbus as a book keeper and as a census taker in 1870. He died about 1877 and is buried in City Cemetery, Columbus, TX

Becker, George J. (1841--?), Pvt. in Co. A, 2 TX Cav. (General Hamilton’s Body Guard). He was born in Germany in September 1841. His wife’s name was Gertrude (born in Germany on 17 Mar 1845 and died on 1 Sep 1905). He lived near Mentz, TX in 1890 and 1900.

Bishop, George; born: unknown; died: Jun 1, 1886; Weimar Masonic Cemetery;
Married Martha Secrest Dec 16, 1875, Federal veteran of Civil War(Unmarked grave)

Bretschneider, Charles (Carl) (1836-1894), 1st Lt, Co. I, 15 Missouri Inf. He was born in Attenburg, Germany on 14 Jul 1836. He married Jennie Himley in 1881. His occupation was farming. He was living at Bernado Prairie in 1880 and his wife and children were in Prec. 6 of Colorado County in 1900. Buried in the Carl Bretschneider Cemetery.

Burns, Theodore (2 Feb 1842-4 Feb 1931), Pvt. in Co. H, 28th Indiana Cavalry. He was born in Illinois on 2 Feb 1842, the son of John and Nancy Crabtree Burns. He married Sarah in Indiana. He moved to Wharton County in 1907 and to Calhoun in Cololrado County in 1909 to live with his daughter, Mrs. W. C. Terrell. He died at Calhoun at home of his daughter on 3 Feb 1931. He was buried at Lakeside, Eagle Lake, TX, on 5 Feb 1931. (Obit. in Eagle Lake Headlight)

Caller, James Harrison (31 Aug 18 45-31 Oct 1907), Pvt. in Co. B of 46 Ind. Inf. He married Lou Walker in 1871 and Mrs. S. E. Fuller in 1880. In 1890 he was suffering from a disease of the lungs and was living at Stafford’s Ranch in Colorado County. He died on 31 Oct 1907 at the home of a son-in-law. He is buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery at Columbus, TX. (Obit. in Weimar Mercury, Nov 9 1907, page 1 )

Carey, Henry Earl, Sr. (1837-10 Mar 1913), 8th Michigan Inf. His obituary called him colonel. He fought at Antietam, Fredricksburg, Chantilly and Vicksburg. He came to Weimar in 1874. He married first Fannie D. (last name unknown) and second, Mrs. Mary E. (Kenan) Williford. He served as mayor of Weimar from 1892-1894. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge, Odd Fellows, and the Knights of Honor. His war reminiscences were published in the Weimar Mercury on 12 Jan 1907. He died in March 1913 in Weimar, survived by two sons, George E. Carey and H. E. Carey, Jr. He was buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery in Weimar. (Obit. in Weimar Mercury, March 14, 1913)

Collins, Austin (ca 1837--?) Co. K of Butler’s 1st LA Reg. He was born in Texas. He was shot in the ankle during the war. In 1870 his wife’s name was Fanny. In 1880 his wife’s name was Elizabeth. In 1870 and 1880 he was living near Frelsburg, but in 1890 he was living near Ellinger.

Cooper, Edmund E. (Sep 1846-Oct 1934) Sergeant, Co. B. 66th U. S. Col’d Inf. (entered as a private, discharged as sergeant). He was captured from the Confederates at Vicksburg, MS. He was born in Alabama in Sep 1846. He married Cornelius Casle. In 1900, he was living near Oakland. He was buried at Oakland Hills.

Crutchfield, John Pvt. Co. F, 12th Reg. Heavy Art. In 1890, he was living in the Eagle Lake area.

Desarvin (Deservia), Frank Co. K, 2nd Ill Cavalry He was born about 1852 in Illinois. In 1880 and 1890, he was living in Frelsburg area. His wife’s name was Julia and his children were Mary, Paralie, and William.

Green, Leeford or Henry Corporal, Co. E. 11 Tennessee Inf. He died in Dec. 1896

Hoadley, Charles Lambert (8 Jul 1840-Oct 1911), Pvt. Co. I, 4th Illinois Cavalry. He was born on 8 Jul 1840 at Rushville, Illinois. He enlisted on 23 Nov 1863 and was discharged on 29 May 1866 at Houston, TX. He married Elizabeth Temple in LaSalle County, Illinois on 22 Dec 1869. He moved to Texas abt. 1896 and lived three miles from Eagle Lake. He was buried at Lakeside Cemetery. Charles Hoadley received a pension for his services, and after his death, his wife received a pension. Three of their children were Mabel A. Hoadley Reese, Kittie Ray Hoadley, and Edward Temple Hoadley.

Howard, John, Sergt. Co. F, 10th New York Infantry, He was at Fort Sumter at beginning of the war and later was wounded at Gettysburg. In 1890 he was in Columbus.

Hunsberger, R. M.; born: c 1841; died: Jul 23, 1884; Odd Fellows; Lot # 74; Grave Space 3
Federal veteran of the Civil War There was a Robert Hunberger who served as a private in Co. F of 34 Regiment, New Jersey Infantry

Jewell, William, Pvt. Co. F, 124th Indiana Inf. In 1890, he was living in Eagle Lake.

Keelings, James, Co. D, 77th U.S.C. Inf. and Co. G, 41st U. S. Infantry. He received a pension in 1912 as an invalid. He died in February of 1927 at the Engelhard farm when he was said to be 108 years old. He had come to Colorado County from Schulenburg.

Kennedy, John, Pvt. in Custer’s 1st Michigan Regt. In 1890, he was living in Columbus.

Kuhn, Frederic, Pvt. in Co. B. 1st Reg’t Texas Cavalry. Kuhn served as a cook.In 1890, his wife was living in Mentz. He was born about 1829 in Germany and died 26 Dec 1879. He is buried at St. Roch’s cemetery in Mentz. His wife, Madelaine Blanchard, was born in December of 1840 in France.

Laake, Frank Albert, Pvt. of Co. D of 1 New Orleans Infantry of Louisana. He was born 10 Aug 1842 in Schleingen and died 24 Aug 1918. He is buried at St. Peter & Paul’s cemetery in Frelsburg, TX.

Lee, Dock, Pvt. in Co. E,

McCrumb, Samuel

McMurry, W. H.

Merchant, August H. (alias August H. Kaufman), Seaman in U. S. Marines from 1862-1865. Born abt 1840 and died 31 Dec 1925. His wife’s name was Celia. In 1880 he was in Lavaca County.

Mills, Henry, Pvt. in Co. A of 3rd Michigan Cavalry

Mitchell, Cleo, Pvt in 8th U. S. Colored Infantry

Paasch, Christian, Pvt in Co. E, 1 Texas Cavalry, USA. He was born in Germany on 25 Oct 1842 and died 2 Jul 1900. He immigrated to USA in 1850. He married Gezla or Gesine M. Torhorst (1849-1902). In 1900 they had been married 32 years. He is buried in Trinity Cemetery in Frelsburg, TX

Parker, Amos F., Co. E, 10th U. S. Cavalry. He received a pension on Mar 6, 1901.

Reichert, Charles (alias Charles Riehard), Sgt in Co G 2 U. S. Cavalry. He was born 2 Mar 1840 in Sachsen, Germany and immigrated in 1856, settling first in Fayette County. He was wounded at Five Forks on Apr 3, 1865. He was with the federal troops at Palo Alto and Brownsville. About 1871 he married Mary--. He received a pension on Aug 25, 1885. He died on 29 Oct 1915 and is buried in Weimar Masonic Cemetery.

Rivers, James, Pvt in Co. F, 4th N. Y. Infantry

Sheedy, Daniel, Pvt, Co. G and I of 16 Virginia Infantry

Shortt, Jeremiah, Pvt., Co. H, 144 N. Y. Infantry. He was born on 19 Jul 1825 in New York and died in Eagle Lake on 4 Feb 1891. He was married to Elizabeth (Lizzie L) Reynolds. He is buried in the Weimar Masonic Cemetery.

Sinch, James was in Pct 2 of Colorado County in 1890

Slutter, Josiah S. (or John), Pvt. in Co. A, 67 PA Infantry. He was born in Oct 1839 in Pennsylvania. He owned land between Eagle Lake and Altair, and at one time he owned part of the Charles Brunson saloon. For some 20 years he lived near Eagle Lake. In 1913 he moved to San Antonio where he died in 1915. (Obiturary in Eagle Lake Headlight on Jan 16, 1915.

Tendick, Robert P., 1st lieutenant and quartermaster of Co. B, 30th Missouri Infantry. He was born in Prussia on 19 Jun 1837. He immigrated to the USA in 1856 and settled in Illinois but later moved to St. Louis, MO. He came to Columbus in 1865 with the Union troops of Col. Wilkerson’s regiment and remained in Columbus. He served as a senator for Colorado County and Lavaca County in the 12th Legislature, postmaster during the administration of Grant and Hayes, and district clerk for one term. He married K. L. Schmidt in Colorado County on 19 Dec 1865. In 1881 the Tendicks moved to San Antonio where he became vice-president and manager of the San Antonio Brewing Association. He died 3 Nov 1888 and was buried in San Antonio. (Obituary in Colorado Citizen, November 15, 1888.)

Thomas, Charles F. New Jersey Light Arty. He was born in Germany on 23 Feb 1837. He immigrated in 1857. His wife’s name was Frederica Hoppach. They came to Colorado County about 1880. His occupation was a school teacher. In 1886 he received a pension. He died on 21 Jun 1909 and is buried in City Cemetery at Columbus.

Truitt, John Henry, sgt. in Smith’s Independent Co., Maryland Cavalry. John Truitt was born in 1830 in Maryland. He married Mary Elizabeth (Polly) Rowley, born 2 Aug 1833 in Worchester Co., MD. About 1873 the Truitts moved to Texas. In Maryland John Truitt had been a tailor, but in Texas he became a farmer. In 1890 he was receiving a pension in Eagle Lake. He died in 1901 and was buried in the Masonic Cemetery in Eagle Lake. Mrs. Truitt then received a pension. Surviving children were William E., John E., George, Marcus, Mrs. Dan P. Alley, and Mrs. G. C. Dukes.

Voss, Joachim was born on 29 Jan 1825 in Schwerin and died on 15 Jul 1889. He is buried in Trinity Cemetery in Frelsburg, TX. His wife’s name was Helene (16 Sep 1823-17 Aug 1913). In the 1870 census they had one child Frederick who was 13 years old and born in Texas.

Vossburg, C. G. Co. A, 8th New York Heavy Artillary. He enlisted in July of 1862 and was discharged in July 1863. In 1890 he was living in Frelsburg.

Wallace, Frank L. Pvt. Co. I, 2 Wisconsin Cav. He was born in New York on 15 Nov 1848. He had black eyes, dark hair, and dark complexion and was 5’11" tall. .He volunteered before 28 Feb 1862. In Red Bone, Mississippi, he again enlisted on 17 Dec 1863. This enlistment gave his occupation as farmer. He immigrated to Texas in 1872 and worked on the railroad. He and his first wife Seba Julia Medaris had three children: Edward H., Ida Lula, and Clifford. After the death of Seba Julia, he married Mary Emma Hawkins Baldwin, the widow of Jacob H. Baldwain, Jr. He and Mary Emma had the following children: Alonzo Frederick (aka Keity Lonzo), William, Arthur J., Maude and Agnes Ford. On 22 Jul 1887, while working on the railroad, he was injured when hit by some hanging timbers on the top of the bridge crossing the Colorado River, knocking him off the train, and having five cars run over him. Although his leg was amputated, he died on 8 Aug 1887, and was buried in the City Cemetery in Columbus, TX. (Obit. in Colorado Citizen, Aug 11, 1887)

Wallace. W. H., Pvt., Co. I, 2 Wisconsin Cav. He was a bugler. He was a brother to Frank L. Wallace. Died Apr 28, 1979 in Columbus, TX (Colorado Citizen, May 1, 1879)

Washington, George D. Pvt Co. C & D of Brown’s Battery

Webber, George R. Born ca 1838 in Burlington, VT. Died dec 1910 in San Antonio, TX Married Virginia (Jennie) Yancey in 1880 and was the father of two daughters, Kathryn Smith who married James Otey, Jr in San Antonio and Annie who was married to L. M. Hollway. At one time he was county attorney of Colorado County TX. He was a graduate of West Point Military college (Obit in Weimar Mercury, Dec 23, 1910)

Whitten, Henry W. Pvt. Co. L, 6th Illinois Cavalry. Henry Whitten was born on 25 Dec 1839 in England. He married Mary Elizabeth Johnson on 12 Feb 1862 in Illinois. In February of 1875 he came to Texas when he was told that the Government was offering grants of land to those that settled here. He settled first at Lissie in Wharton County and then moved to Eagle Lake. Mary Elizabeth died in Eagle Lake on 25 Jul 1880, and Henry died in Eagle Lake on 3 Oct 1880 and was buried in Lakeside Cemetery. He was survived by five children: Mary Henry, Robert, Stout, and George, all born in Illinois and daughter Lillian, born in Texas. The Henry Tracey family raised the three boys after their parents’ deaths, and the boys acquired the Tracey meat market which then became known as the Whitten Brothers Market.

Wilkinson, William T. Lt. Col. of Co. B 30 Missouri Infantry. William T. Wilkinson came to Colorado County with Union forces after the Civil War. He served as a county commissioner in Colorado County in 1869 and then was elected state representative for Colorado County in 1869. He died in Austin, TX on 24 May 1870 and is buried in the State Cemetery in Austin, Texas.

Ziegler, George Capt. Co. B 30th Missouri Inf. George Ziegler came to Texas with the Union army after the war. He was born on 8 Jan 1836 in Perry County, Missouri. George Ziegler was appointed postmaster of Eagle Lake during the Johnson Administration and remained a citizen of Eagle Lake for the rest of his life. At various times he served in the county clerk’s office and the district clerk’s office of Colorado County, and for many years was justice of the peace in Eagle Lake. He married Sarah Harris, the daughter of Dilue Rose Harris. They had one daughter Georgie. On 2 Jan 1927, Captain Ziegler died and was buried in the Eagle Lake Masonic Cemetery. (Obit in Eagle Lake Headlight)

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