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Jacob Hahn

Jacob Hahn was a member of Colonel John C. Hay's First Regiment, Texas Mounted Volunteers (Twelve Month). Hahn joined Company F, composed of personnel recruited primarily at La Grange, Texas.   The company was mustered into federal service on May 24, 1847.
Hay's First Regiment was sent first to Veracruz, Mexico.   Assigned to contain guerilla warfare and protect supply routes to Mexico City, the Texans participated in several skirmishes as they made their way to Mexico City.   Encounters including those at Perote and izucar de Matamoros successfully freed the roads of brigands.
After arriving in Mexico City, the Texans were dispatched on several occasions to assist in raids that would American military leaders hoped would result in the capture of guerilla leader, Padre Jarauta, and Mexican general, Santa Anna.   One such raid, at Sequalteplan, was the last major encounter in Central Mexico.   Although neither Mexican leader was taken prisoner, casualties from these final campaigns greatly weakened the Mexican fighting forces.
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo went into effect May 25, 1858, formally ending the war.   Hay's First Regiment began a liesurely march back to Veracruz where they would board vessels back to Texas.   On their return trip to Veracruz, the Texans were advised of a wagon train robbery near the village of Paso del Baba.   Colonel Hays dispatched several of his men to apprehend the bandits, which they did; returning their captors to very pleased city officials and townspeople.
The Texas companies were mustered out of federal service April 30, 1848.   On May 5, 1848, they boarded steamships and embarked for home.

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Submitted by David Hahn

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