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USGenWeb Lookup Policy

The USGenWeb Project does not allow copyright violations. Lookup requests should be limited to one or two names. Information given will be minimal. For example in a cemetery lookup, the information given will be the name of the cemetery and the dates on the headstone. You may not ask for "everybody with X surname" or an entire family group or for hardcopies to be mailed. The USGenWeb Project volunteers have been asked not to comply with such requests. Lookups can extend to searching the copyrighted material to determine if the material would be helpful to the requester in their research. Should the copyrighted material prove useful, the volunteer can provide the author's address and ordering information.

Please take time to thank those who help you!

If you are able to help others by providing lookups, please contact the county coordinator.
Most lookup volunteers find real enjoyment and satisfaction in helping others with their research.

Regena Williamson will do lookups at the Colorado County courthouse and answer questions about other research in the county. Her area of expertise is around Sheridan and Rock Island.
Arliss Treybig  has information about the following Colorado County families: Braden, Burtschell, Henneke/Hennecke, and copies of the early Frelsburg marriages & baptisms and burial charts and the Mentz marriages & baptisms (1860-1899) and burials (1860-1930's)
Arliss Treybig, PO Box 1236, El Campo  TX  77437
Marla Mazoch will do lookups from her resources.
Melany J. Granville has a copy of a type-written manuscript entitled Chesterville 1895-1920 written by Ruth Anderson some time after 1950. If your ancestors came from Chesterville, which was near Eagle Lake, you may want to contact her at The entire document is about 40 pages and there are short family biographies in the back on the following surnames: Adams, Adkins, Anderson, Andrews, Backhus, Beals, Bodle, Bottino, Chester, Carnes, Cutler, Clark, Fulford, Gray, Haworth, Hayden, Headley, Davidson, Hornbeck, Ingram, Johnson, Kellison, Linderholm, Linebarger, Larsen, Maltby, Malmquist, Marsalia, McLain, Moore, McCormick, Nelson, Perry, Salladay, Seaholm, Semora, Spillman, Tilton, Townley, Tellaro, Tubbs, Thomas, Wilkerson, White. The bios may be viewed at Colorado County TX Bios.
Lynwood Peterson will do look-ups for the 1880 census.
Charles Dodds hosts a site for the The Hoelscher/Buxkemper family, which emigrated from Germany between 1846 and 1850 settling primarily in present day Fayette, Colorado, Falls, Wilson, Nueces, Runnels, and McCullough Counties and he invites anyone with possible ties to this family, to visit.
Tommie Ward Hoffman owns a copy of The Seven Townsend Brothers, by Tula Townsend Wyatt, and will be happy to do lookups.
Pierce Arthur has volunteered to take digital pictures of tombstones - please be as specific as you can be.
Martha Prince will do lookups in In Search of a Home - Nineteenth-Century Wendish Immigration by George R. Nielsen, which includes a listing of Wendish people who immigrated from Saxony to Colorado County, Texas, and some nearby counties.


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