Adjutant General's Report of
Fugitives from Justice


Entries include crime, date of crime, and description of criminal. Images of pages, including index, provided by Chris Morton at TXGenWeb site. Index of images.

Colorado County entries from 1878 Report on pages 8, 9, and 10:

Abbott, James C.

Adkins, Ed.

Banks, Charles

Beeman, A. L.

Berry, John

Bloodgood, Martin

Boil, Chas.

Bolin, Alick

Brown, J. Wesley

Buel, D. A.

Butterworth, Walter

Byars, Cass

Connor, Tom

Crane, L. P.

Eafron, George

Escontreas, Peter

Fawcet, Wm.

Foster, Adam

Graves, Henry

Gray, Malcom

Harbert, John

Hill, Allick

Holden, Henry

Howard, B. A.

Jackson, John

Kalb, Allen

Kirk, John

Kyle, Bur

Lewis, Bill

McCoy, John

McDowell, James

Miller, Chancy

Perry, Alonzo

Phule, H.

Powell, E. N.

Reed, Luke

Reese, Sam

Rhodes, Ennis

Rivers, Harry

Rola, James

Roly, James

Robinson, H. T.

Schmidt, John

Shoemake, Calvin

Smothers, Henry

Stockman, Chas.

Terrill, James

Todd, John

Townsend, Beth

Turner, Sim

Williams, D.

Williams, Ervin

Williams, John, alias Gillmore