Colorado County Doctors

Polk’s Medical Directory 1886

Listed by post office address and population. The names of the physicians appear under the postoffice name, the first number indicates the college of graduation, and the last number is the year in which diploma was granted. The key to the college numbers is at the bottom of the page.

Alleyton, 300
Davidson, John King (Regular) Med Col of Alabama, 1878
Whaisar, F.*

Columbus, 4,000
Bowers, J. H. *
Byars, J. W. (Regular) 255, 1882
Harrison, R. H. (Regular) Med Col of Alabama, 1873 Office, Med Dept So Pac R. R. Co, Atlantic Div
Moore, R D *
Weller, C O (Regular) 282, 1869

Eagle Lake, 550
Norris, F O (Regular) 100, 1876
Phillips, J T (Regular) 281, 1858
Smith, B (Regular) 162, 1874

Frelsburgh [Frelsburg], 300
Fehrenkamp, B. J.*
Herrold, G. F.*
Neale, B H. *

Oakland, 250
Brown, Duffield J. *
Hutchins, J. F. Soule Univ. 1878
Laidley, T M. (Regular) 282, 1949

Weimar, 750
Cook, Thomas C (Regular) 281, 1859
Murchison, Wm. *


*No report received in answer to inquiry regarding graduation

100 Medical College of Alabama, Mobile, Ala

162 Tulane University, Medical Department, New Orleans, La.

255 Medical College of Ohio, Cincinnati,

281 Department of Medicine of the University of Pennsylavnia, Philadelphia, PA.

282 Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa.

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