Colorado County
Registered 1850s & 1860s

Extracted from the Index to Birth Records in the County Clerk's Office

For copies of these records contact Darlene Hayek, County Clerk

The first column is the certificate number, if any; the second column is the child's name; the third column is the father's name; the fourth column is the mother's name; the fifth column is the sex; the sixth column is the race; the seventh column is the date of birth; the eighth and nineth columns are the volume and page numbers.

455 Boer, Augusta Boer, Karl Lerich, Augusta F W May 16, 1868 8 511
5675 Brown, Edwin Porus Brown, Charles Porus Roberts, Sarah Amanda M W Feb 13, 1866 9 470
14990 Carter, Arthur Carter, Arthur Sr. Jones, Henrietta M C Jan 1, 1864 18 276
10288 Daniels, Victor Vale Daniels, James Monroe Green, Mary Ann M W Jul 24, 1869 13 336
9365 Harms, Ida Wilhelmine Harms, Henry Robert Addicks, Johanna F W Aug 6, 1869 12 451
4794 Henderson, Nat Quincy Henderson, Henry Henderson, Mary Garner M C Sep 28, 1866 9 30
5436 Loomis, Laura Joline Loomis, James Joline Wootton, Mary Elizabeth F W Feb 7, 1859 9 351
Witting, Elise Witting, George Witting, Sophie F W Jun 4, 1858 1A 3
Witting, Gustav Witting, George Witting, Augusta M W Mar 24. 1861 1A 3
Witting, Helene Witting, George Witting, Sophie F W May 27, 1855 1A 3
Witting, Pauline Witting, George Witting, Augusta F W Oct 13, 1864 1A 3
Witting, Sophie Witting, George Witting, Augusta F W Nov 6, 1862 1A 3

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