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by Randa Harrison Simmons


Johann David Hinkel married Christiana Eleonora Hahnel and they lived in Lengefeld, Sachsen, Germany. According to Lengefeld parish records, Johann was a master gardner and Christiana was a linen weaver.

On April 8, 1808 in Lengefeld, Johann became the father of Johann David Hinkel. Johann was baptized on Apr 10, 1808.

On Oct.17, 1831  Johann David Hinkel married Johanne Concordia Neubert in Lengefeld, Germany. They had four children: Charles “Carl” Friedrich Hinkel, Christiane Concordia Hinkel, August Heinrich “Henry” Hinkel, Anna Pauline Hinkel

Johann Hinkel died March 16, 1845 at 36 years old. His wife, Johanne Hinkel, was pregnant at the time and the child was stillborn.

Mrs. Hinkel’s two oldest children, Charles and Christiane, emigrated to Texas in Dec. 1852. They first landed in Galveston, then went by boat to Houston and then by wagon to Cat Spring. They both took employment at Himly’s General Store in Cat Spring.

In 1853 Mrs. Johanne Hinkel left Germany for Texas with her other two children, Henry and Anna. They soon joined Charles and Christianne in the Cat Spring – New Ulm area. In 1867, Christiane Hinkel’s husband, Johann Engel, died of yellow fever in La Grange where they were living. He was buried there. Mrs. Johanne Hinkel and her daughter Christiane Hinkel Engel decided to move to Alleyton where Mrs Hinkel’s daughter Anna Hinkel Dittman was living. Mrs Hinkel died on the way and Christiane died in Alleyton in Oct 1867.

The Engels left four children: Charles Engel, Louise Engel, Mary Engel, Annie Engel

Their uncle, Charles Friedrich Hinkel, was appointed guardian. He took young Charles and Louise, the two oldest, and Mary and Annie  lived with Charles’ sister, Anna Hinkel Dittman, in Alleyton.

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