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Life Sketch Of Anna Mae Clipson

(By Mrs. F. McP Bayles.)

Anna Mae (Causey) Clipson was born in San Antonio, Texas, November 27, 1904. Her parents were Rev. George W. Causey and Lydia Causey. Just after her birth the family moved to Sherman, Texas where they resided until 1906. During that year, the Lissie church was started and Anna Mae with her family moved here where they remained for seven years. During the first year in Lissie her mother left this earth for the better world. At the diction of the church the family moved to Gobbler Creek-Hahn in 1913 and remained there for five years; then her father was reassigned to Lissie as pastor. Here she lived and worked to the time of her homegoing. Her father preceded her to his home above in 1913.

On October 2, 1932 Anna Mae Causey was married to James Hugh Clipson. To this union two sons were born, James Hugh, Jr. and Gerald Wesley.

She received her high school education in Lissie and Eagle Lake. She began a career as teacher in the Thomas school but, after only one year there, she took her place in the Lissie school and taught here for fifteen years. By going to summer school she almost completed a full college course.

Early in life she gave promise of great musical ability. Those who knew her best can scarcely remember when she did not use her beautiful voice in singing. Her skill with piano and organ added much to her own enjoyment of life and gave to those about her an appreciation of the lovely in music. She gave without stint of her time and talent wherever it was needed. Virtually ever since she came back to Lissie she has been the church pianist and organist. In Assemblies we just naturally expected Anna Mae to be at the piano. In spite of her illness she played for the children the first four days of Bible School this year.

Her faith and trust in her Heavenly Father was expressed through her consistent Christian life. She was ever ready to speak her word of appreciation and love whenever the opportunity was given. No night was too rainy, no day too hot for her to find her way to the place of worship. All through her suffering her faith was an inspiration to all who cared for her.

Another outstanding talent was her ability to teach in the Sunday School. Whether the pupils were beginners of intermediates or any age between, she seemed to know how to interpret the gospel message to them. Her work in the Christian Endeavor, the Woman’s Missionary Society, and all other activities of the church or community added much to the beauty and worthwhileness of the task.

We are thankful for the memory of her consecrated life and commend her loved ones and friends to her God:

A Song Eternal

A beautiful song has ended
Its Harmony, full and sublime;
Each chord was complete and blended,
Each stanza was perfect in rhyme
Each line of a verse was a message
Of courage and faith and love,
Which came through her life of service—
Her strength came from Heaven above.

The music was that of beauty
Of mind and soul and heart,
So blended with strength of purpose
To do with a will her part;
That ever to those who love her
The chorus rang true and fair.
No minor refrain e’er sounded,
No discord could enter there.

Although the song is now ended
The melody lingers near.
‘Twill live on through endless ages
To comfort and bless and cheer,
Encouraging those who love her
To build, by their lives, a song
With harmony pure and golden,
Each note with a courage strong.

Eagle Lake Headlight
Submitted by Joyce Stancik

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